Resident Evil 5: Die Dead Enough( Preview)

Split-screen writes-"However, the overall experience left a lot to be desired, since it was rather unclear what RE5 was touching upon. It is a slick action game with its fair share of intense moments, a dash of uncertainty with QTE's, clunky controls and a motion-shooting challenged protagonist."

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WildArmed3596d ago

The only grudge i have is dat its multiplatform and doesnt utilize the power of ps360!

/end sarcasm.

No its the tank system.. i had hoped they'd fix the one thing i hated about RE games... stand still n shoot. Everything else looks top-notch.
To add to the tension they made item selection in real-time too!
Hopefully, they'll allow u to change that.
I hate stoping..turning...shooting...
The second stage really pissed me off.

Nice3595d ago

is anything but mediocre....