Xbox 360: Can RPG Fans Resist its Allure?

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "The current generation of video game consoles would have been incredibly hard to predict back in the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube era. As of this moment right now, Nintendo is shovelling huge sacks of money into Shigeru Miyamoto's basement, Sony is lacking japanese RPGs and promoting first person shooters on their Playstation 3 and Microsoft houses several exclusive RPGs. Take a moment to time travel back to roughly 2003 and ask a PS2 owner if the upcoming Xbox is going to be the home of the RPG. Now that you've done that, you were probably laughed at and taunted all the way back to 2009. So the question is, can RPG fans resist the allure of the Xbox 360? Read the full article to find out."

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RPG Guy3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I couldn't. Bought a 360, IU was...okay. Remnant was....okay. Actually, both were crap, I mean, let's be honest. HOWEVER, LO is great fun and Fable II (Not JRPG) was amazing.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope is going to be incredible and I really can't wait to have both it and Killzone at the end of the month. With WKC getting some negative press (though the vids look okay) and FFXIII only giving me my demo in April till its sometime-in-2010-release, XBOX 360 is the way to go for JRPG gaming.

p.s. Let's not forget Vesperia, Enchanted Arms (multi) and Eternal Sonata (multi). As for PS3, Folklore (not bad) just didn't cut it for me not to go to the 360 for the JRPG gaming greatness.

....I'm expecting a lost bubble and 10+ disagrees from this post because:

a) I supported 360, not PS3 exclusively
b) did not bash 360 for no reason while praising PS3 in this post
c) praised SO:TLH, a JRPG Sony fanboys will never see on their console

Well, go ahead and fulfill my expectations N4Sony-Fans

panasonic233567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Lost Odyssey that game was awesome

MrWeymes3567d ago

I enjoyed Lost Odyssey very much as well. I put off buying it for months because of the low scores.

Perhaps modern reviewers aren't too impressed with turn based combat on a current generation console?

It had an interesting story, great graphics and a good combat system. I don't see the problem.

meepmoopmeep3567d ago

i wouldn't have bought my 360 had it not been for Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Mass Effect and Fable 2

Obama3567d ago

Too bad LO only has a 78 meta, as opposed to VC, a ps3 exclusive which got 10 pts higher.

Bnet3433567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I don't care about reviews but Blue Dragon was a solid RPG. You won't find mindblowing RPG's on the Xbox 360 but they are RPG's worth a couple of bucks. Really, there hasn't been terrible RPG's on the Xbox 360.

lord_of_balrogs3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I thought to you PS fanboys scores didn't matter?

blackpanther253567d ago

"....I'm expecting a lost bubble and 10+ disagrees from this post because:

a) I supported 360, not PS3 exclusively
b) did not bash 360 for no reason while praising PS3 in this post
c) praised SO:TLH, a JRPG Sony fanboys will never see on their console

Well, go ahead and fulfill my expectations N4Sony-Fans"

You get diagrees and loose bubbles cause of stupid comments like that. Why can't you just state your opinion and be gone. Jeez what you were saying before that is absolutely correct and i agree with you. I didn't like IU and LR, but i believe LO and blue dragon is a very good game

I hope SO:TLH is good. I mean the story in SO3 was really bad and it messes up the whole damn series, but im gonna try and act like SO3 never happened. If it does turn out good then i'll buy.

pippoppow3567d ago

The only 360 exclusives I would get if it came out for the PS3 would be LO and tmaybe the soon to be released Star Oceans, although SO may come out anyways to the PS3. For the PS3 I have the PS3 exclusive Valkyria Chronicles. In the near future I will get the Ps3 exclusives WKC and maybe import Tears to Tiara if no news of port is confirmed later this year. So in short while the 360 may have more RPGs than the PS3 there are only at maximum 2 I'd want to play. Allure resisted quite easily.

rroded3567d ago

on the rrod machine???

nope especially since mines out of warranty n twice rroded already...

a pity with all the exclusive rpgs on it...

chaosatom3567d ago

"I'm expecting a lost bubble..... " And the rest after that.

Before that, it really good (I was going to agree with you). But the last part ticked me off.

hendersonman3567d ago

Lost Odyssey is the best RPG I have played in years. The reason the games Metacritic score is so low has to do with the review copy they sent out where every battle took forever to load.

LO was my number 2 game of The Year last year, and I would gladly stand behind it over any RPG released last year, and I love Valkyria Chronicles, but it did not grab me like LO did, when I spent almost 90 hours playing it, and I have never done that for an rpg.

Obama3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I have only said sales don't matter. Scores matter, BUT sometimes games like gta 4 is overated, so one shouldn't rely solely on review you also need to take the users reviews into account.

Both the formal reviews and user reviews of VC is vastly superior than that of LO. So to most people, VC is a better game.

meatnormous3567d ago

I have a PS3 with VC which is a great game, made me hungry for more RPG games. I bought Blue Dragon off of Amazon for around 13 dollars, 13 DOLLARS. I like Blue Dragons gameplay but the voice acting is very anoying. I bought mass effect and I'm giving it a shot as well but its not what I'm used to, thats not a bad thing. I own both systems and love these games. I wish I would have bought both systems awhile back cause playing catch up is hard to do.

MrWeymes3567d ago

Yes, Marumaru's voice in english could shatter glass.

Alucard_4203567d ago

Star Ocean has not been declared a Xbox 360 exclusive only, as for tales of vesperia also, so anything is possible, and btw every JRPG that will comme out on both will always remains better on PS3 ( i hate having multi disc,,, damn you lost oddysey, was still great besides damn loading times were horrible).

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lord_of_balrogs3567d ago

Well the Xbox brand has always had the RPGs I liked, mainly I prefer WRPGs but I enjoy the occasional JRPG. Beginning with Fable and Kotor MS solidfied my purchase of the xbox. And then with my 360 I get Fable 2 and Mass Effect. I feel I chose the right console for my RPG tastes.

MrWeymes3567d ago

Another Knights of the Old Republic on either the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 would be bliss.

Awookie3567d ago

Same i wish they were making a proper Knights of the old republic instead of an mmo. Because an mmo means a Kotor3 wont happen until the mmo dies, which will be a long time :(

panasonic233567d ago

now ms need to focus on adventure games.

Awookie3567d ago

I think a nice platformer like a new conker or a true banjo game is missing on the system

MrWeymes3567d ago

I agree. Nintendo has Mario and Sony has Jak and Ratchet. Microsoft needs a kid friendly icon such as the ones listed above. I would have much prefered a traditional Banjo game instead of Nuts and Bolts.

Perhaps a new Donkey Kong?

meatnormous3567d ago

Rare made great nintendo games but Nintendo owns the Donkey Kong name.

MrWeymes3567d ago

I was wondering why Donkey Kong appeared in Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl if Rare owned his rights.

Regardless, the Xbox 360 needs a platforming king. No, Blinx the Cat will not work.

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Jaces3567d ago

The only RPG I usually pay attention to is FF, so no for me on the 360s "allure".

Once I do pick one up I'm bound to get LO from what I've heard about it. Other than that I see no good RPG's, the last Star Ocean left a bad taste in my mouth so I doubt I'll be picking this one up.

Kamikaze1353567d ago

Considering how White Knight Chronicles and Demon's Soul are the highest selling current gen RPGs in in Japan where RPGs sell the best.....yes. I was surprised to see Tales on the 360 sell so poorly.

Obama3567d ago

Well that's why tales is making its way to the ps3...

Why dis3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

You guys are in the wrong room talking about the wrong sh*t. The number of PS3's in Japan makes your point moot.

The 360 is going to have great RPG's in 2009.

Kamikaze1353567d ago

I don't like the Tales series so I have no problem with that. I'm just bringing up a point. This article says 360 has all the best RPGs (I'm assuming). But, in Japan (where RPGs sell best), 360 RPG games have been selling terribly and two PS3 RPGs sold out in several stores.

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