Vice Weekly 21 - Mapped Out

"The Broke Gamers activate to tackle the Killzone 2 "beta" & Halo Wars demo. If that wasn't enough, they also discussed what exactly is wrong with DLC these days, why you should buy Halo 3 : ODST & why Capcom needs to stop short changing their fans."

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KobeBryant3571d ago

Yeah I think I'm going to get that new Halo 3 game, seems pretty hot. In fact I think I'm going to start sponsoring you guys, I can't give you any money, but I'll be sending games to you guys.

You Already Know3570d ago

good show fellas…..I’d like to add my opinion on a few points….

the comment about possibly only carrying one or two guns in Killzone 2 doesn’t matter to me, just as it didn’t matter in Resistance 2 because they give you guns and ample ammo throughout…

the Killzone 2 Beta isn’t exactly Resident Evil 5 Demo when it comes to “lack of ammo”…

I’m fine with having to settle on one gun….even Rambo (the ultimate soldier) could only carry 3 guns tops….

but I’ll cut that short as I plan on writing my opinion of the Killzone 2 Beta tomorrow…. (holds breath)

…..anyways…I’m glad Mel mentioned MAG (Massive Action Game) and yes, it’s a crappy title…but this title looks like a Michael Bay movie….I just hope it has a decent storyline..

the new Halo might be worth getting for all 360 owners…

and the new GTA DLC really looks like it’s going to be $20 well spent….even though I don’t own GTA4 anymore..