IGN: A Closer Look at Unbound Saga Interview

IGN writes: "If you're anything like us, you find the lack of old-fashioned 2-D brawlers on modern gaming console disturbing. We miss the days of Streets of Rage, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade, and Double Dragon. As comic book fans, naturally we have a soft spot for Comix Zone on the Sega Genesis. And while we can't bring any news of a Comix Zone 2, we can tell you about a project that is potentially more interesting.

Unbound Saga is a new brawler in development for the PSP from developer Vogster. Like Comix Zone, Unbound Saga features a protagonist trapped inside a comic book who must battle across panels in his bid for freedom. However, Unbound Saga looks to feature a much stronger narrative, as evidenced by the fact that it will also become a 4-issue comic book from Dark Horse. "

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