Kotaku: Red Dead Appreciation, and Hopes for Redemption

Kotaku writes: "I've loved Red Dead Revolver like no other console game. It's the only one I have 100 percented and finished on all difficulty levels. And I'm going back to play it after this post.

So when Rockstar finally confirmed this week that a sequel - rumored off and on for two years - was coming this fall I literally leaped out of my chair swinging a fist. On consoles, military and science fiction FPSes and third-person shooters have saturated the action market, but in westerns, there's still something left to the imagination. And cowboys and indians, as old as the day your grandfather first pointed his finger like a six-gun, is a theme familiar enough that people don't need much convincing to explore it."

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Rhezin3600d ago

loved the first, I think it is THE best western shooter out there. Call of juarez was a good 1st person western and GUN FLATOUT SUCKED BALLS. So glaf they're makin a sequel, it's ab00t time.