Xbox Live Cards $30 at Toys R' Us

First, Pokemon download content, and now $30 Live cards?! Check out this simple link here for the Toys R' Us Live giveaway. Well, not really a giveaway, but sorta. They're already sold out, so keep checking online, or call your local store.

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kaironn3572d ago

I just got mine at Best Buy, but I'm glad to see it wasn't just them.

Fullish3572d ago

I wonder if Toys'r'us in australia are offering the same.

legionx3572d ago

Live 12 Month Gold Card reg price $59.99 on sale for $54.97 at toys R' us up here in Canada. What a sh*tty deal.

ambientFLIER3571d ago

How? It's still cheaper than full price.

Dimly3572d ago

I missed the Best Buy deal, thanks for the heads up!

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