Is Sony planning a new version of Sixaxis?

It's possible Sony will release a forcefeedback-including version of PS3's Sixaxis controller as the company has established a new agreement with Immersion.

Immersion, you may recall, filed a suit against Sony over claims of patent infringement with the forcefeedback tech in its DualShock controller. Immersion won the case in 2004 and was awarded $82 million.

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Andronix4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

Very good news to hear that Sony and Immersion have come to an agreement regarding the use of the force-feedback technology. Rumble is what gamers want because it gives an additional sensory reaction to a game and makes it more immersive.
According to Immersion, Sony will be able to incorporate rumble with the motion-sensing SixAxis quite easily. However its far too late in the day to include it with European launch PS3s as these have already shipped.
Hopefully rumble will return within 3 months. Metal Gear Solid 4 is rumoured to have a July release, so this would be a great time to debut the DualShock 3/Sixaxis hybrid.

But what Sony can do is update all non-rumble PS3 games to have it- when the revised controller is released and allow them to work with the PS2's DualShock 2 controller.

MikeMichaels4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

I don't think Sony is in a rush to release a version of the SIXAXIS with rumble.

....This is probably more about securing proper FFB licensing so it can get it's wheel peripherals (like the exisiting Driving Force Pro 2 and any new wheels coming down the line) up and running in proper form for the inevitable launch of GT5 sometime down the road.

BIadestarX4306d ago

ofcourse they are, they have to add rumble.

techie4306d ago

I dont want rumble I want next-gen touch force feedback!!!

FordGTGuy4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

I doubt a forced feedback hand controller but rumble seems to have a good chance although Sony thinks its "last-gen".

techie4306d ago

Rumble can't work with motion sensing...even Immersion and Split-fish have admitted this. They had had to design a new way for focre-feedback to be compatible with it - I have read about it on the Immersion website...and they have created their next-gen force-feedback that doesn't interfere with tilt...just so you know.

Torch4306d ago

Good point. I never even thought about how it may interfere with the Sixaxis' motion-sensing least not without dumbing-down the motion-sensers (a bit of a catch-22).

I suppose motion-inducing and motion-sensing are a bit like oil and water, eh?

"Pardon me sir, but may I please have a heaping serving of Sixaxis motion-sensing? Thank you, as it's much yummier that that rumble stuff."

techie4306d ago

Yes you are right...but its not a catch twenty two as the new force-feedback is far superiour to current rumble emplyed by's more refined, more sensitive and the feedback can be seperated accross different parts of the controller...So motion sensing and force feedback can work in harmony together and much more efficiently.

I expect this new tech to come to 360 controllers as well.

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peksi4306d ago

I need my powerglove! :)

techie4306d ago

lol yeah that power glove looked cool. What was that film that it was in when they manipulated things with a looked awesome. Maybe the matrix...or not. I dunno...but I want one Sony!

techie4306d ago

Yes I know it used to exist! says it was in Beethoven on there lol...not sure if I was thinking about that.

Anyway you do know Sony has put through a patent for a new and improved powerglove...much more refined and with more capabilities....:P

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The story is too old to be commented.