Some Thoughts on Dead Space Coming to Wii

Aeropause was hung up on the announcement of Dead Space for the Wii. It is an interesting choice for EA to port to the Wii, due to the high quality visuals that were on display in Dead Space. Controls also seem to be a difficult thing, as there seems to be far more controls for Dead Space than there is on the Wiimote and Nunchuck controller.

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phantomexe3569d ago

Wrong deep space controls are alot like re4 gamecube controls as far as looks go yea that won't be easy.

SinnedNogara3563d ago

I Can Imagine shaking the Wii Remote would be a melee attack, B would be fire, and A, C or Z would be a aim mode. They should also add GameCube and Classic Controller support to the game. Online DLC should be present and some new features in the game would be great. I also think that a First person mode would be nice. Hold a button and he immediatley goes into a first-person mode. When holding this button you can't fire, but take a good look at your surroundings. Maybe they should go "The Conduit" and allow customizable controls.