Aeropause: Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

The Killzone 2 hype has begun to slow down now that reviews from almost every media outlet have come out. The press is obviously in love with the game, and for many reasons they should be. However after playing the demo several times Aeropause can say that Killzone 2 lacks one major thing that keeps it from being a true gem. That one thing is decent controls. How can a company spend so much time making the game look this good and then forget to work on what really makes the game fun…playing it!

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killzone2flop3570d ago

Killzone 2 major Flaws that keeps it from being a true gem.

2.No CO-OP
4.Doesn't bring anything new just another (GENERIC SHOOTER) tries to be COD4 and for that it will fail.

rucky3570d ago

Too bad it's still 100x better than any title coming out on 360 so don't be mad at Sony, blame MS for not releasing a game that you would like.

Boty3570d ago

and that is the stupidity of some gamers like you.

thereapersson3570d ago

1. Epic fail as a troll
2. Penis stuck in 360 disc tray slot
4. Name = Killzone2Flop

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WIIIS13570d ago

Many people who have played the demo did not like the controls. I wonder why the reviews did not cover this issue more extensively as it appears to be a serious one.

Kyur4ThePain3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

The controls are only a "problem" if you are wanting a twitchy control scheme. Go pick up a real assault rifle and see how it feels and moves.
This is like saying I don't like GT5 because there's nothing to shoot at.

PS - What did you think of the controls when you played the demo?

deathray3570d ago

because the controls are not a problem. No, they are not COD controls, but they aren't supposed to be. They are BETTER. People who fail to recognize this are NOOBS.

3570d ago
chewy3173570d ago

Sigh.. another xbox fan site =0 wtf ps3 controller sucks for fps? You joking? WHY DOES IT SUCK? CAN U EXPLAIN IT?

Dude i would own this guy upside down if we can play cod4 together on diff consoles.

Sitdown3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I find it interesting that people keep talking about weight, and go fire a real gun....You are missing one key factor. These are soldiers...and guess what, soldiers get use to their weapon...and build up the proper muscle mass so that it is not that big of an issue. Stop trying to justify the controls with that argument.....if that is how GG wants the controls....that is fine, but that does not necessarily mean it is them trying to implement the weight of the gun. This is not me saying the controls are bad...that is just me saying get rid of that argument about weight.

Ju3570d ago

WTF are you talking about. Are you telling me, that with a real gun you can keep a steady aim like you do with any of the shooters games ? Did you ever use a real gun ever ?

Sitdown3569d ago

I am going to assume you are talking to lets consider the argument. In this shooter, you have hover platforms, grenades with indicators on when they will blow....and other futuristic stuff......but you are going to try and argue that at this point in time (I am leaning more so to the future), a fully automatic assault rifle can not be constructed that has a low recoil....especially when there are some on the market today in the real world. Again...these are trained soldiers who understand the importance of bracing the gun against their shoulder....and they usually are not light weights. So while I have not unloaded a assault rifle.....being a military kid...and having tons of friends in the military...plenty support my thanks.

Ju3569d ago

The recoil itself is not the issue. Recoil is usually compensated by a counter force. This force needs an exhaust on the opposite direction of the projectile leaving the barrel (hence counter force). It is a bit hard to do that with a handarm, where it could actually harm you. Possible compensation could use springs of any sort.

Now, to allow instant movement would require a weapon which is basically weight less. No muscle in the world can instantly compensate for the force you generate while turning, no matter how light the weapon is. But, sure, the lighter the faster you can move it.

The next consequence with a light weapon is, it will be very affected by external factors, e.g. wind and weather. It has a reason why a weapon has some weight to allow for a steady aim, to use the mass to stabilize it. The lighter the weapon the harder the aiming - and keeping it on target.

And finally, you have moving targets. There is no perfect target in real world. You will have to adjust your aim constantly.

No, I repeat. A shooter game is a shooter game, and aiming is improved for a arcade like experience. KZ2 tries to mimic some of the real world effects. More then any other shooter.

Sitdown3569d ago

but I have no problem spraying back and forth when I am doing drive-bys. Anyhow...not sure if there is necessarily a problem with the controls...just a matter of people adjusting from the movement of some of the other titles.

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Cyrax_873570d ago

you've made your handle killzone2flop? you honestly think people are going to take you seriously? go troll somewhere else

yoghurt3570d ago

There is nothing wrong with the controls, i cannot stop playing the demo now i'm used to the change its just awsome.

One thing tho, i cant decide between standard setting and alternate 2, I like zoom on L1, but if I have that on 'hold to zoom' then i cant crouch and zoom I make sense?

Fishy Fingers3570d ago

Yes I'm having the same quandary, I find it quite difficult to hold L2 to crotch and use the zoom (L1) at the same time. But I prefer the Alt 2 set-up when ever your not using cover. It difficult as multiplayer has no cover system and thats where I'll be spending the majority of my time so for that, I think the Alt 2 maybe more useful for me.

I guess I'll have to find whats best for me now, and maybe when the retail version launches I may change but picking one sooner rather than later is probably a smart move.

Oh I pushed up the sensitivity one notch too, find it feels slightly "nicer".

Ju3570d ago

My experience is, when I use cover a lot, the default settings with a sticky zoom are just right.

However, it makes me slower. I prefer a quick zoom (with hold, no toggle) for that one shot while I'm running to take out a guys I might have missed (or I am expecting around the corner). This makes cover & zoom a bit harder, but I got used to it now. That's why I prefer the Alt2 settings. So, alt-2 with hold zoom because it makes me a bit faster, but is a bit harder in cover. Default if I take it slower and use a lot of cover. I could imagine, in a higher difficulty, this could come in handy. Eg. if you are forced into cover more, because the Helgast shoot more efficiently.

GamerPS3603570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

this is ridiculous.

KZ2 control is best on FPS. It's just different than other shooter doesn't mean bad control. Control in KZ2 is perfect. It couldn't have any better.

Remember, This is not R2, or any other FPS where you control camera not gun. In this game, You control GUN, period.

thereapersson3570d ago

Agreed. You're not moving a tripod, you're moving a f*cking GUN that's in your hands. It's not exactly snappy as all hell when applied in real life...

sirbigam3570d ago

Wat the hell do yu mean it's not snappy in real life, have yu ever used a a freackin gun in yur life, and "control gun not camera" did yu magically pull that quote out yur ass, wat the hell do yu mean.

I'm the type of gamer once I figure out and get comfortable with the controls I'm woopin ass and takin names.Ahh I remember when I played Gears of War 1 for the first time at my freinds they wooped my ass for the first 20 minutes once I figured out the 360 controlls & game map, I was woopin ass, they wanted to stop playin.

GamerPS3603570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

wow, why are you being so offensive.. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Go play Gear 1.

But, If you ever find me on Killzone2 just remember Lazyshooter, I will be wooping your ar* and I will show you where did I pull that quote "Control gun not camera".

sirbigam3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Na I didn't say I hated Killzone, & don't try to take this discussion towards Gears 1 not my cup of tea, Just don't like people posting random sh!t like little 10year old imbeciles, that has no bases in dealing with this side topic of killzone2's gun controlls.

PSN - "Sirjigna" anytime After hours MON-THURS

GamerPS3603570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I love Gear1. Specially, single player is blast. Multiplayer was not my type.
May be, we should play COD4 until KZ2 comes out to get thing sorted.

And, I didn't know that's how grown up people act. :D

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