Are You a Fanboy?

These days, a new way to ridicule and insult gamers has arisen. This is the label of "Fanboy", and it is not an insult thrown about by non-gamers, but the opposite. When someone supports their favorite franchise or company, they are almost instantly labeled a "Fanboy" by the gaming community, making their opinion seem biased and illogical. Why, when we have come so far to fend off the insults we suffered ten years ago, must we hurt our own community in exactly the same way? Competition, friendly or not, requires more than one side. A supporter of one company or product must help create that competition through words or actions, thus promoting the industry and provoking the opposing companies. These words or actions must be taken seriously in order to have an effect, and this cannot be so when people view whoever is doing or saying said actions or words as a stereotypical fanboy.

We need to win back the loyalty of our companies. We need to redefine what a stereotypical "Fanboy" truly is. We need to bring back friendly competition to the video game developers. We need to help this community grow and thrive in a good way, with a good way of doing things.

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ape0073570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

there's nothing better than having 360 and ps3 in one room

halo wars demo was great actually,killzone 2 demo was unbelievable

can't wait for killzone 2 halo:odst,god of war 3,heavy rain,alan wake,splinter cell convection,uncharted 2 and the gta 4 dlc

and also you can chose the superior multiplat games,you are free to chose,you also can experience psn and live and home and play xbla and psn games(the maw,flower etc.)

both of these system fulfill my gaming need

I just love em

xwabbit3570d ago

This article goes especially to Agent VX, Why This and pimp614

HighDefinition3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I`m not a lunatic though. People have preferences, but people need to understand other people have preference different from theirs. Undertand at the end of the day, it`s all good.

GiantEnemyCrab3570d ago

Nice post and +bub!

The gaming community needs to continue to evolve and we need to move past the petty fanboy stuff. Having all the systems is amazing. I'm thinking about adding a Wii as well but my TV might melt from all the pure awesomeness.. lol

Being a fanboy isn't all bad but when it gets on the level of petty mudd slinging it's not doing anyone any good.

Hoping 09 see's the gaming communities come together even more and appreciate that competition benefits us all. Let's discuss the merits of the games and get off the who is selling more.

INehalemEXI3570d ago

I enjoy and own all 3. Yet I've got to say ... I am a fan of only 1 system. That is the PS3 and it has earned its place on a pedistool. You know what it do.

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Cool Hwhip3570d ago

No,I just tell it like it is.

Gue13570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Yeah, I'm a proud Droid. LoL ;-)

Another restricted site for my IP... This is the fifth this week. ;-(
I can't even enter to the front page.

ZombieNinjaPanda3570d ago

Fans, fanboys, gamers, and casuals.

Fanboys- Blindly support one console and or anything else.

Fans-Have a preference to a certain console, but really don't care what they're playing. Enjoy it all

Gamers- Own it all, play it all.

Casual- Pick up games once in a while for fun.

Which are you?

resistance1003570d ago

I would class myself as a fan.

I prefer PlayStation products over others, however still own and play other systems.

terrandragon3570d ago

I'm in between a gamer and a fan. I don't own a PS3, but I am a fan.

Kevin McCallister3570d ago

I'd be a Gamer/Fan. I own all 3, but I still have a bias toward Sony. I'm probably 50% Sony, 45% Microsoft, and 5% Nintendo this generation.

Covenant3570d ago

Fan/Gamer here.

I have a preference (but not an irrational love) for the 360, but play a PS3 regularly at a friend's house and have respect for all systems and their owners, including the crappy ones (yes, even the 3DO).

Dark General3570d ago

See i have a hard time classifying myself. I only own a Ps3 as far as current gen consoles go but that is because i love GoW/MGS. I can't really say about myself that i'm more preferential to the Ps consoles because i go with the console/s that have appealing games to me. I don't think it's a matter of which console "is better" but more of what the individual is looking for.

I guess you could call me a 1 console gamer for now. Until i get enough disposable income to buy a 360.

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