CVG Previews Left 4 Dead

"Left 4 Dead certainly lives true to the term survival horror. This isn't about defeating the zombie hordes and heroically saving the world. This is simply about not dying for as long as you can, and maybe, if you're lucky, escaping. Being described as a procedural experience, rather than a series of scripted routines, this is the brainchild of one Michael Booth, the creator of online multiplayer Counter-Strike's official AI bot. This is a man who knows how to programme convincing and effective artificial intelligence, and just the sort of person equipped to give brains (braaaaiiins) to those who would take brains (brrraaaaaiiiiiins): an army of the deadliest undead. It's a game designed to respond to the reactions of human players, and improvise accordingly. It's a game that should already be starting to scare you."

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BrotherSic4304d ago

I think its a great concept but will it be sold as a full game or as a cheaper multiplayer game?

Also is this multiplatform or Xbox only? release date?

DC RID3R4304d ago

as well, not sure about the ps3.

power0919994304d ago

What formats is the Source engine running on right now?

I know PC, but does it run on Xbox(360), or PS2 or PS3?

Just curious.

Drew4304d ago

It's supposedly compatible with all next-gen platforms (the Source engine), but I hear that Valve is struggling with porting it to the PS3. -Shrugs-.

This is a small developer, and I doubt they have the manpower to port it to anything more than '360/PC.

bizzy124304d ago

this game is for pc and the 360 they had a interview a while back about this one no ps3 included becouse they wasent sure about there online surport.

BrotherSic4304d ago

It says its only 360 and PC but that could change

also it says summer for PC version, winter 360

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