The Most Awesomely Bizarre Video Game Characters

A list of (some of) the most awesome, yet bizarre video game characters.

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brycespitler3566d ago

it pissed me off that they never attempted to explain why he might be there or who he usually sells stuff too

but i was always relieved when i saw the guy

Obama3566d ago

"The reason that he’s awesome (aside from being the inspiration for this article) is that he’s actually pretty powerful"

No it's not. It takes forever to kill an enemy. The laser bear on the other hand is very powerful.

Stickguy2593566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )


I haven't played Age of Empires in (no pun intended) ages. I just thought I remembered them being powerful. Could just be my mind embellishing him (or thinking about the bear). I was considering putting the Canadian Bear on the list instead of the hippo, but felt two bears would be redundant. Thanks for the catch.

Obama3566d ago

np. Bubble up for writing up this interesting article.

Mahr3566d ago

This list is missing the entirety of the cast of God Hand.

Evildoomnerd3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I think the list should have a character from Killer7(seriously...any character, they ALL have some kind of baggage), or anyone from Earthworm Jim. Still a good list though.

Stickguy2593566d ago

I appreciate the compliment. I didn't even think of either of those games. If I do another one, I'll be sure to include a character from both of those games. I haven't played them, but I have seen videos and screen shots of both.

I have to say, you are both correct.

Mahr3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

"I think the list should have a character in Killer7"

Yeah, No More Heroes too. Suda51's pretty good at making games for things like these.

God Hand, though, was a veritable masterpiece of nonsensical, wonderful enemies. The man dressed up like a gorilla in a wrestling mask, the Power Rangers dwarves, the mute robot that communicates through a crow, the mohawked stock enemies that frequently quote Mike Tyson, the guy with an afro and disco jumpsuit -- 'what pit of 70s nostalgia did they drag this guy out of?' XD...

@ 2.2

Hey, props on the article. It's always refreshing to see a list of subjects besides "The X most overrated/best/worst Y Games of year Z".

mastiffchild3566d ago

Gor ro agree with Evildoom nerd-Killer7 os full of Harman flavoured madness. I also agree with the Merchant from Resi being in there at the top "I'll buy it for a high price!" the guy's genius.

Even in games like Ratchet and Clank there's some great ones my favourite(similar to the Merchant really)is master of disguise and contraband Slim Cognito(Insomniac even shoehorned the guy in on TOD with a prison voiceover namecheck - he's so cool that even when he isn't in the game they drag him up!).

Good little read-it made me think about some awesome games I haven't played in ages.

Baka-akaB3566d ago

Meh list ? For starters there is no excuse for no planetscape torment here ...

Like Morte , a playable flying skull ... with silly dialogue . Killer 7 is definitely up there too , as well as God hand.