The most light sources in one Killzone 2 scene is...


'By now you should know about Killzone 2's deferred rendering and its talent for multiple lights. Most games have around four light sources, so how many does Killzone 2 have?'

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killzone2flop3478d ago

A Flop is a Flop no matter how many lights it may have.

Gerry Mark II3478d ago

The only flop is Fear 2 the game you kept bragging about being better than Killzone 2.

83 - Game Informer
80 - GamePro
80 - Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
75 - Official Xbox Magazine
80 - PC Zone UK

I predict an 77 to 80% metascore.

By the way we get both Fear2 and Killzone 2.

krouse933478d ago

Yeah you are a flop and a hack.

queerbearandchicken3478d ago

quiet you sloot, i didnt give you permission to speak

techie3478d ago

Ignore him. He's here to provoke.

Gue13478d ago

This guy is the definition of delusional.

ZombieNinjaPanda3478d ago


Are you that insecure in life that you have to go about constantly calling something a flop?

Go get laid please.

Tryst3478d ago

maybe its your penis that is a flop, in which case you will never get laid

Boty3478d ago

I just might have to ware a helmet to understand you.

No offense to thoughs who really do have to.

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jax073478d ago

I guess no one would know that better than you. I bet it hurts that you flopped so hard and landed right on top of KillZone 2's d*ck.

chidori6663478d ago

kill zoneflop have 34 ignored users in you acount... hahaha you fail man. :P

gamesmaster3478d ago

yeah, its the little touches which just add to the realism.

im pretty happy with how killzone 2 is turned out. from the demo impressions i'm sure the final game will be amazing

Sasanova3478d ago

playing killzone 2 is like watching porn...cept u never want to finish

Lifendz3478d ago

I was a little ho hum about the graphics. Don't get me wrong, they were pretty but I wasn't floored. That was the first play through of the demo.

I'm on my 20th play through and now, after noticing all the little details, all the little touches paid here and there, the lighting, the AI, the guns, game is fire. The game is the truth. There is no 5 hours before it grabs you like GTAIV. The game is amazing.

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ape0073478d ago

best console graphics ever

I was really shocked

I wish bioshock 2,cod:m 2 etc.... use this power

still couldn't believe my eyes

xwabbit3478d ago

LOl this made me go back and play the demo

3478d ago