Xbox Live Vision Cam working on PS3?

Csmon mailed in to let know that his Xbox Live Vision cam works on the new PS3 firmware v1.54!

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SimmoUK4253d ago

Shame the vision cam can't do half the things that HDEyeToy can do, don't believe me just wait and see like everything else...

kingboy4253d ago

does it even play games like eye toy did?

FordGTGuy4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Don't hate on the 360 vision cam. If the new Eyetoy has more features I would point out that its going to be out over a year after the 360 vision cam.

360 Vision Camera Features:
*Face Sculpture
*Hand Gesture Reader
*Recognize your face
and some more I can't remember


yes it does play games like the eyetoy did.

Bebedora4253d ago

Agreed. No need to buy two webcams, one a system. Nice feature (if I may say) by sony. Seems to me they are swithing to be more opened up than in the past?

shikwan4253d ago

So.......????!!! Who F N cares??

cuco334253d ago

i don't know about you guys... but the eye toy was garbage. the concept was ok, but honestly i know NO ONE who bought it or even would consider buying it.
cams should be used for video streaming, video messaging, picture taking, etc.

Bebedora4253d ago

It's like an extension between motion capturing and making it digital for gaming.

I feel there is a lot of potetial. But obviously hard to realize. Babysteps....babysteps, man.

Bathyj4252d ago

I agree with Bebedora. Someone just needs to use eyetoy right. Remember the demo with the 2 glasses tipping water between them? This is a far more acurate motion sensing device than either the sixaxis or the wiimote. Imagine a lightsaber or sword game with EXACT movement tracking rather than just if I swing the controller in some random way, the charactors sword will swing a predifined animation.

ben hates you4253d ago

if sony didn't let the psp work on the 360 then microsoft could of easily made an update to all computers that would stop computers working with the psp

Bebedora4253d ago


Hahahaha! They never will ever....anything not MS is bad in their world.
Remember default.htm anyone?

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The story is too old to be commented.