G4TV: 'inFamous' Impressions From NY Comic Con -- For When You're More Than Famous

G4TV writes:

"The overall affect is kind of a cross between Grand Theft Auto IV, City of Heroes, and noir graphic novels. The game controls are pretty straightforward when it comes to combat and traversing the world. And, after getting a taste for playing as Cole, I'm definitely looking forward to picking up the game and seeing just how far Sucker Punch can take Cole's power set and how much havoc I can wreak in Empire City."

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meepmoopmeep3567d ago

i can't wait to get this game.

this and Prototype look awesome.
i hope they are awesome games.

ThanatosDMC3567d ago

It's still not selling for me (my opinion). So basically your hand is your gun. They better let you do more than have your powers act like a gun.

I keep comparing this game to Static Shock. He better be able to do everything that Static can do. Bubble shield, fly, etc.

Why can he have a force push type of power? How do you deduce that scientifically? Hell, i cant even understand how Static Shock can fly, but i understand being able to make a bubble shield of electricity.

I guess, a sonic boom of lightning (speed of light) can affect bend sound barriers enough for the "force push". How would flying work? Not really asking about the game but character with the same powers like Static Shock.

LeonSKennedy4Life3567d ago

Cole is supposed to have upwards of 30 different powers. They have decided not to show most of them, however.

Doppy3567d ago

Wow that was a lot of destruction in the end.

I'm looking forward to this game and I've finally found out what's been putting me off about it. Every time they show it it's the same red hoodie wearing enemies, and there's no music in the trailers. They need to show more of the game since it releases between March and August. And they need to add music it sets the mood for the game.

Cajun Chicken3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Yeah, I noticed about the music a while ago. The music going past in cars in Crackdown and GTAIV was what made the games immersive.

I hope this is coming out in March or April, longer than that is just taunting to me. I really want to play this!

ThanatosDMC3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

30 different powers. I hope they're all amazing. I also like a multiplayer idea but i hope that we'll be able to choose our enemies or allies in the game. I want a fire person. Or if they learn from the anime One Piece and all those weird extremely unique powers then it'll be a blast. (ex: Candy Power)

I just watched an episode that explained how electricity powers will be able to use flight. Based on Magnetism, being able to control the magnetism of an object and oppose to the opposite pole will creat a rejection type of force and yeah... there you go.

Also, the ability to grab something from afar or manipulate atoms in a metal is a theory by changing where the electrons are.

badz1493567d ago

but InFamous is indeed another exclusive title and considering that I'll only buy exclusive because I can't afford much, I might buy it. the game looks good but I still need to know more about the story and things to so aside from being a jerk who electrify everything in the city! (I know you can be a good citizen, but come on...having electrical powers and you're telling me you're gonna behave?)

Mikerra173567d ago

This game looks amazing, the graphics are surprisingly above average and the fact that the framerate did not drop at all when the explosions occured was impressive

I only have 2 gripes the first being aiming, there is no crosshair (which I guess makes sence) but how do you know where to shoot, do you get used to it? is it auto aim?
And my other problem is this game may be too easy, it looked as if the person playing had no problem againt the AI at all

otherwise everything looks great

ThanatosDMC3567d ago

The no crosshairs... that'll really make your hand a gun. But i guess, since your power conducts other bodies then they'll input something so that you wont really miss your enemies?

It looks like you can spam the "pistol shot" version of your powers. The "grenade" version and the "force push" attack takes away from your electricity reserves. They had a video in N4G that show all this.

I really want an electricity shield power included... or how bout "electricity clone bomb"??? I'm throwing out random ideas.

krisq3566d ago

There will be a crosshair. Watch more movies from the gameplay.

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Sevir043567d ago

but this game looks slick. The chaos going on from the electric grenades look spectacular. ^^ inFamous for the Win

rmatott3567d ago

i cant wait to buy this game!!!!

Bubble Buddy3567d ago

It's like Assassin's Creed, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined and done right. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT IN A GAME? :D

-EvoAnubis-3567d ago

Co-op would be cool. But I'm not tripping. It's a first day buy regardless.

DavidMacDougall3567d ago

PS3 only. Just when you thing they have no more tears left :( Shame they'll need them

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