Gamers Are To Blame For HipHopGamer's Popularity

Blend Games Reports: "After HipHopGamer received a good lambasting by PlanetXbox360, the gaming blogosphere was up in arms over which sites were credible and how journalism for video games should be handled, etc., etc., etc. Fortunately enough, Blend Games steered clear of the fireworks. But it doesn't mean that we don't have our own opinion about that matter.

Ryan Rigney contacted HipHopGamer for purposes of reproach, saying, 'Unprovoked, I chastised him for using the fanboyism of the community to score hits on his site, on which he regularly posts articles that, in my own personal opinion, have not much purpose other than to inflame the tempers/excitement of mindless fanboys.'"

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GWAVE3594d ago

I would argue that most gamers don't know who HHG is. N4G perhaps made him popular, but he is quite obscure in the gaming community as a whole, let alone outside of the gaming community.

blind-reaper3594d ago

yeah but all this articles about him are changing that THE IRONY

ape0073594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

1 not a fanboy

2-love gaming,all systems

3-not baised
4-his style is cool

5-he's so passionate about games

6-he smashes fanboy sites\articales

7-his shows got almost everything the week contains

8-speculates things with logic

9-have some exclusive info

10-he give a probability of occurence if some news aren't confirmed

11-he has some exclusive interviews with devs

12 he attend game events and play and talk about them

13-gamers in the streets section

14-he's try to welcome everybody to his e-mails,psn id's,his own sites,he's a very nice guy

15-he's try to do his best,gotta appreciate his work

PERSONALLY.I don't see any resone why some here in n4g hates him

here's why some hate him

1-n4g is full of fanboys


edit:omg look at disagrees,I TOLD U disagree and reply,don't hide your face behind the screen

xwabbit3594d ago

Bubbles for you ape007

Tony P3594d ago

I can safely say I had no idea who or what HHG was until coming to N4G. I've still never seen an episode of the show, but I hear positive things about. I have however read some of their "articles" (used loosely) and have found their writing staff to be lacking in many important areas. Just short of laughably bad.

That kind of thing can't be blamed on the community.

The fact that the community has decided this is worth discussing says volumes about we consider worthwhile in our hunt for relevant gaming media though. Good or bad is up to you. I prefer to think "it is what it is" and get my news from sites that deliver.

v1c1ous3594d ago

"1 not a fanboy

2-love gaming,all systems

3-not baised"

-> HipHopGamer was a WELL KNOWN AND SELF-ADMITTING SONY FANBOY. he stated it MANY MANY MANY times back when he first "graced" this site with his presence. when it was apparent that being a sony only commenter, he switched his style (albeit badly) to try and appease the 360 fanboys as well as wii fanboys. it wasn't until recently that he started with the flamebait articles to try to draw hits to his website that he reall hit it big on N4G.
4-his style is cool

5-he's so passionate about games

-> when it benefits his shows.

6-he smashes fanboy sites\articales

-> irony

7-his shows got almost everything the week contains

-> just like every other gaming podcast

8-speculates things with logic

-> no, he goes based on speculation

9-have some exclusive info

-> *buzz*

10-he give a probability of occurence if some news aren't confirmed

-> again, most of his stuff is opinion based, so...

11-he has some exclusive interviews with devs

-> he got this far, for that i commend him.

12 he attend game events and play and talk about them

-> same

13-gamers in the streets section

-> nice idea.

14-he's try to welcome everybody to his e-mails,psn id's,his own sites,he's a very nice guy

-> seems like a generally good guy

15-he's try to do his best,gotta appreciate his work

-> while that's commendable, his past persona and current flamebait ideals make it hard to accept him as a reasonable voice for unbiased news.

ape0073594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

hell no,most of what you said was only NITPICKING

shysun3594d ago

I like the show and I watch it every week. I own a 360 and PS3 so I know were he's coming from. It's hard to own both consoles and not have a favorite but I think he handles it well.

Megaton3594d ago

With all the notoriety he's gained in the last 24 hours, I wouldn't be surprised if he had something to do with the original article that bashed him. Personally, I've never cared one way or the other about him. I only know who he is because of this site and his incredibly ridiculous, tabloid-esque headlines. He's a glorified blogger who didn't even exist during the first half of my time at this site.

How about instead of articles criticizing people who haven't even made names for themselves yet, lets take some interest in the fringe fanchildren at sites like Kotaku who are polluting the internet after already earning their "legitimate writer" badge. Or you could always just report on games, but that might be too foreign and risky for the current crop of gaming journalists.

njr3594d ago

I saw him at comiccon asking exhibitors questions... he's not a bad guy.

pixelsword3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Are you guys so hackneyed that you need to talk about HHG site to cash in on hits?


FF7numbaone3594d ago

Oh yea its definitely some of you whining gamers fault. you guys gave him negative publicity which always just as good as good publicity.

pain777pas3594d ago

Everyone has there place from HHG to Keiley to Jaffe to Van Horn to Gertsman.

CallMeMilenko6013593d ago

I still don't know who or what Hip Hop Gamer is.

StephanieBBB3593d ago

If some other random dude took HHG's articles and posted them on N4G then that is ok, but If HHG does it then he's just wanting hits and is feeding the flame war?

Thats pretty moronic.

HHG is entertaining! How many of you so called "Journalists" are that entertaining to watch?? NONE! So either stop talking smack about him because he's better than you at your own job and accept him for what he does and who he is.

He's not going to make you loose your jobs ffs. What are you so afraid of is going to happen if he continues what he does?

Lifendz3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I like his show but I approach it for what it is-a relatively good video blog of sorts starring a guy that may not be the most skilled in the English language but who is nevertheless passionate about games.

I'll ignore his articles until they're written better, but his show is still entertaining.

And if his articles start a fanboy tizzy then just do like I do and sit back and laugh. I'm a PS3 owner, not a fanboy, and I had to knock him down a few points when he said it's a toss up as to who has the better graphics between Gears 2 and Resistance 2. You can't call yourself unbiased and make statements like that. It's just not true.

Killzone 2 looking better is a different story though ; )

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Elven63594d ago

Has this been a slow news week? N4G is flooded with articles analyzing HipHopGamer, although its funny since it shows what sites are using N4G as their only source for traffic and making articles tailored to the N4G audience.

king dong3593d ago

sites that write material just for n4g.

i feel like a parrot coz i keep repeating my self. but, it only has to be of a ccertain flavour in order to reach 1000degrees and generate 100+ hits of pure foaming at the mouth fanboyism.

just ask the owners of and thegameraccess on where they get their hits....there's more, plenty more aswell...

PoSTedUP3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

hiphop got a nice fanbase because of his journalism, his shows on youtube, his talent as a music artist and the warzone podcast. all are entertaining, interesting, full of life unlike the borning folk that do similar things. yall actually calling him out for doing what he loves? this dude did interviews with ted price, cliff belenzky and a bunch more, and he did a damn good job at that. and hes only a year into the game man.

people hating on this man are only jealous, most growing gaming sites out there USE N4G to post their news. yall are just envious that hes getting all this attention, and yall aint doing nothing.

hiphop worked hard to get where he at now, and look, yall too are going crazy over him lol.

hey whats this? another site using the hiphopgamers name to get hits?? thats all i see here... ; )

IcarusOne3593d ago

I just pissed and sh!t my pants laughing so hard at this.

First off, HipHopFlamer is a tool. The tool has no objectivity. The tool's show maxes out the douche meter. He's light on fact, heavy on biased opinion. And gamers aren't the one's making him popular. Sony fanboys, desperate for a beacon of unity, flock to his banner, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that he has nothing to offer to any conversation.

Cool Hwhip3594d ago

So Hiphopgamer is the new "Sony Is Doomed"?

ThatCanadianGuy3594d ago

Why are you pretending to be a women POG?

Have you really hit rock bottom?

Liquid Snake3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

well his Power of Green account got reduced to 1 bubble, so he made a new persona. He thought pretending to be a woman was a great and suitable choice, considering he is a woman trapped in a mans body.

Why dis3594d ago



Go to the open zone.

ThatCanadianGuy3594d ago

Oh the irony.

POG.Lord of trolls.Telling me to go to the open zone.

Sheikh Yerbouti3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

If lack of bias is the mark of journalistic professionalism, HHG is above Fox News and NBC...!

Dude argues for both consoles. He admits XBox is killing the PS3 in sales, but he admits preferring the PS3. He is a truer gamer than the 'fanboys' on this site. Being a 360 fan or PS3 fan are not mutually exclusive.

I prefer PS3, but I play Gears co-op every week even though I don't have a 360. I love it. HHG is the same way. Like my buds say, "I'm a get both!"

But we're throwing this 'journalism' tag around too much. What HHG does is not traditional journalism. Neither are kotaku, joystiq...nothing on the internet is. It's news, but I would put it under commentating rather than true factual journalism (like Charles Grodin, or Charlie Rose). It's blogging. God, ever read Destructoid...?! Call that journalism...?

Other sites who complain about HHG have either a delusional sense of their own 'professionalism' or simply don't want anything hip-hop to do with gaming, especially in light of HHG success and prominence even among industry insiders. This is funny, because Hip-Hoppers have always supported gaming. African-Americans don't subscribe to the same stigmas about gaming as more conservative 'white' cultures. Plus hip-hop and gaming are part of the same generation!!

HHG and his homeboys need to step up their game, true. But I'm proud of him, and thorougly enjoy his shows. As long as you hate on him, he knows he is doing something right.

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