Markee Dragon and MMOwned taken offline

WoW Insider writes: "We've received an interesting report on the WoW Insider Tip Line today. Two large World of Warcraft hacking and account trading websites, Markee Dragon and MMOwned, have been shut down.

Attempts to reach the sites prove unsuccessful.

This is a good thing for everyone that wants to have a more legitimate gameplay experience in WoW, as both of these sites actively encouraged people to exploit bugs, break the ToS, and do all other sorts of tom-foolery that destroyed the game for legitimate players."

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JeepGamer3570d ago

Blizzard: These are my lawyers, there are many like them but these lawyers are mine.

Dpa3569d ago

Markee Dragon? Really?
That guy was famous for making a fortune in the 1997 MMO Ultima Online, he then set up that website and has operated for over a decade. Cant believe hes been shut down.