The Conduit gets US release date

High Voltage Software has announced that the long-awaited FPS for Wii will be released on 9 June in North America

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Durffen3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I thought they announced the release date when IGN posted their "The Making of The Conduit" article? So isn't this kinda old?

TruthbeTold3388d ago

June is a long way away... :(

somekindofmike3388d ago

I'm really keeping a keen eye on this one, I have my doubts over the developers being able to pull off everything they promise, but I hope this game may concentrate more on fun factor rather than realism.

Games like Rainbow Six Vegas are great, but in my opinion there haven't been enough 'fun' shooters of late.

tman6923388d ago

2 days before my birthday. getting this for sure!

Durffen3388d ago

2 days before my birthday as well.

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Legionaire20053388d ago

It may be overshadowed by Red Faction Guerilla with other games like Bionic Commando, Ghostbusters, Protoype, and Splatterhouse. Lets hope it gets some attention.

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