Kotaku: Champions Online Impressions - Will Let You Make Your Own Enemy

Kotaku writes: "Want to be a superhero? New MMO Champions Online gives you your chance - and lets you design your own nemesis, to boot. Cryptic Studios explained all at the New York Comic Con yesterday.

Champions Online will be an vastly action-oriented MMO - the brief clip screened featured battles with exploding forcefields and clashing katanas. Unlike games where a single enemy is encountered, Champions will have its heroes fighting off squads of attacking henchmen at first, with new strategies and tactics introduced as gameplay progresses and your advancing character comes into contact with hardcore villains and supervillains. The game is especially interested in elevating the level of personalization and character-building, allowing for unique modification of powers and putting more power than ever in the hands of players."

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ASSASSYN 36o3568d ago

I hope they demo or beta it like they did for phantasy star on the 360. I am a firm believer in try before you buy.