Is Sony Losing It?

Sony is a great company. No one can deny the force that they have become in the gaming industry. Anyone who thinks that Sony is on the brink of collapse is a fool.
As a brand the Sony PlayStation is here to stay. The Playstation 1&2 combined have sold 270 million units world wide. This by itself secures Sony a place in the industry for a long time yet to come. Yet if you take into account the estimated PSP Sales of 44 million world wide sales total of you come to the number 314 million PlayStation Brand units sold. (Keep in mind this number neglecting current sales of the PS3) So all Sony haters need to just let it go, Sony is not going anywhere anytime soon.

With all that aside, in Sony's third generation of life as a console manufacture life is not so great right now. The PS3's install base is estimated to be around 20 million. While this is a decent number it pales in comparison to the Wii. As for the battle for second place with the 360, Sony trails by around eight million units. On the surface these numbers don't seem to be too bad, however when you look at the bigger picture you can see that Sony is going through a very rough patch.

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oriol0033593d ago

I was a bit skeptical at first but after reading the article he proves some good points Sony has kinda screwed it up and they didn't even get the Super Bowl ad which was stupid, Microsoft spent around 10 million advertising Halo 3 which is not half as good as Killzone 2. Damn Sony.

PirateThom3593d ago


Microsoft spent 30m advertising Halo 3, the same it cost to make the game.

I'm glad Sony don't do that, because I'd rather have another game rather than a load of ads.

ASSASSYN 36o3593d ago

Yeagh how dare MS promote a game that people will be playing on xbox-live years down the road.

PirateThom3593d ago

Don't you think the people who will be playing it years down the line will be the same people who would have bought it anyway regardless of advertising?

ASSASSYN 36o3593d ago

No I don't think people would have bought it regardless of advertising. You advertise for public promotion of some product or service. The business of drawing public attention to goods and services is the point.

Basics of marketing is advertising what people may want. WTF is the point if you don't advertise you would systematically eliminate potential buyers leaving you looking like a douche with a warehouse full of products.

GWAVE3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

If Sony "losing" it is simply an issue of sales, this is what I see:

PS3's first year: outsold the 360 worldwide even though "it has no gamez!" as the haters claimed...and at a $500-$600 price point.

PS3's second year: outsold/sold the same (depends on what source you cite) as the 360 at double the price; outsold the 360 for the entire year worldwide except in the last 3 months.

First two years of the PS3: 21 million units sold.

First two years of the 360 (with one year of no competition): 14 million sold.


Aside from that, who has more dev studios? Sony. Who has better-looking exclusives? Sony. Who has free online? Sony. Whose online is more stable? Sony (yes, it's true. P2P vs dedicated servers). Who has reliable hardware? Sony.

Journalists fail to look at cold, hard facts. They take a narrow snapshot of the current market and ignore the big picture. They say that the PS3 is selling horribly, yet the 360 sells less and it's selling just fine.

I understand that some people have a preference. That's fine. Some people preferred the Xbox, Dreamcast, or Gamecube instead of the more popular PS2 (I had the Xbox and Dreamcast). Yet, no journalists would fabricate facts to somehow "prove" that the Gamecube was doing better than the PS2 or to "prove" that the Dreamcast was doing better than the Xbox.

Yet today, it seems that so many journalists have an agenda. What is that agenda? It's to see Sony fail, even if Sony's "failure" is invented by half-truths and ignored facts.

La Chance3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

well , MSFT spent a whole lot of money for Halo 3 but the crazy amount of money Halo 3 brang in can get you more than ONE game more.

I think the whole team behind Halo 3 , from Bungie to the marketing team know more than you how to handle their products.I mean who are you ?
If they got the money to do that then let it be ! Considering Halo 3's out of this world sales I dont think they regret a single second

On topic : Sony simply underestimated the competition BIG TIME.
The Wii and the 360 are doing way better than anybody would have expected.I think thats the main reason.Sony built their strategy from a "we'll will anyway" perspective and they woke up to see that this gen is another story.

They can thank the power of the PS brand because I think if it were the 360 at the place they would be going the way of Sega with the dreamcast

La Chance3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Geez , you go from controlling 80% of the gaming market to being in a position where you will probably never catch up with your direct rival ansd you think that Sony isnt "losing it" ?

Im a student in business school in and trust me in NO WAY , no matter what is that a good thing.

No business man on planet earth would be happy to go from the domination the PS2 had to the situation the PS3 is in right now even if it isnt a flop.

How you manage to see the evolution of the Playstation from last gen to this gen a positive thing is beyond business , commercial and financial logic.

The ps3 isnt a failure but is very far from being the succes Sony was expecting.

PS "First two years of the PS3: 21 million units sold.

First two years of the 360 (with one year of no competition): 14 million sold."

Let me rectify that : PS3 lifetime sales = around about 20 million

360 lifetime sales = around about 28 million.

Why do you only pick the years that suit you ? Speak in "cold hard facts" and that means taking ACTUAL numbers and NOT setting up the numbers so that they suit you.

Mindboggle3593d ago

MS actually spent $40 million advertising Halo 3, but it was ultimately worth it, as the game has sold over 8 million. You do the math...

8 million x £30/$50 = !!!!!!!!!!!

They more than made their money back. If halo 3 was a flop, the 360 would of probably died in 2007.

xwabbit3593d ago

I want the same people who where talking about HHG to talk trash about this article too. Lets wait and see

Monkey5213593d ago

I'm sorry, but considering that the PS3 came after the 360 (1 year later), and the Wii magically having success, the PS3 isn't doing that bad at all. They are catching up at an extremely fast rate and are not stopping. They may not control 80% of the market, but that's because they had no real competition back then. The xbox came years after and the dreamcast died. We won't even talk about the gamecube. I'm not saying that the PS3 is doing amazing like the PS2 did, but they are in a decent position considering the circumstances.

CrazzyMan3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

they didn`t support 3rd party developers in first 2 years with help in development of multiplatform games, and because of that some multiplatform games had some problems with framerate.

All other thing Sony did right.
Of`course, it would be better, if in 2008 there were available more traditional jrpgs like Eternal Sonata or WKC, but that is just 1 year, which has ended already and we still had some great tactical jrpgs like Disgaea 3 and Valkyria Chronicles with a great traditional jrpg - Persona 4.
I hope in 2009, there will be not only WKC and TLR but also some new good jrpg games.

About losing 3rd party multiplatform exclusivity, well for now it`s not big deal, since to achieve true PS3 power for 3rd party alone would need a lot of time like atleast 3 years. The games are still coming to PS3.

About SALES, PS3 could cost 299$ in 2007, they would have sales like Wii, around 40-45 mln. today and lose maybe 1-2 bln. $.
BUT who would ignore 25-28 mln. x360 userbase vs 40-45 mln. PS3 userbase Today??? Sony would lose 2 bln. $ for what? For 2-3 exclusive games? Is this WISE???

p.s. And there are ~50 mln. PSP sold WW, don`t use VGC numbers as facts, they are just ESTIMATES.

cayal3593d ago

"Sony has kinda screwed it up and they didn't even get the Super Bowl ad which was stupid"

$3 million on one damn ad is ludicrous. That isn't good spending and I am glad Sony wouldn't waste their money when the same amount can get you multiple ads shown multiple times.

ultimolu3593d ago


Press agree if you think Sony's doing a good job so far in terms of software and hardware, considering the PS3 has been on the market for only two years. Press disagree if you think they're out of their f*cking minds.

And be honest.

green3593d ago

I don't think it's as easy as that.I believe that Sony is not advertising the PS3 enough and in "enough" i mean advertising the value of the system over it's rivals.

A consumer goes into a shop and all they see is the price and especially since Microsoft and Nintendo are very good at advertising the lower price points of their consoles .Sony's adverts should highlight the inclusion of wi-fi,web browser, blue-ray, free online gaming etc, things that it has over it's rivals that will help consumers justify spending the higher price over the 360.

As of now i don't see that and it's a shame because i believe that when taking all those things into account it makes the PS3 a valuable system.

demonddel3593d ago

@ORIOL003 How the [email protected]$k you know you never even play the game yet..........y'all need to quit sucking sony's [email protected] and just play some games.

Godmars2903593d ago

But they didn't do the quality control on the 360 causing RRoD, backtracked on HDMI and still use DVDs while penalizing devs who make games that need more than 2 discs.

There really needs to be articles questioning if MS knows what they're doing, if they even have "it" rather than all of these "Sony is Doomed" pieces.

Giriath3593d ago

He isn't really "looking at the bigger picture". If he were, he'd see that the Playstation 3 was released a year after the Xbox 360, even a few more months in Europe where it has sold the most. When talking sales, that really does count. And I don't think he actually believes Microsoft aren't equally as disappointed as Sony. Neither expected Nintendo's under dog to become the wonder dog.

If Sony has so few exclusives on the Playstation 3 as he says, wouldn't Microsoft be even more disappointed and confused when the PS3 is selling just as much as the Xbox 360 despite being more expensive? Fact is that the PS3 now has at least as many good exclusives as the Xbox 360 does.

Now that Sony has started promoting their console in much the same way Microsoft does, most of the gaming press ridicule them, when they are the ones who told Sony to start doing so in the first place. Claiming that the Playstation 3 has more longetivity isn't very bold when it has new and superior tech in the CELL processor and Blu-ray drive, and Sony will support it for at least 8 years, if not the promised 10.

xTruthx3593d ago

Sony isn't losing it.... end of discussion <8-D

ultimolu3593d ago

I do agree with you on that green. I remembered the days where you couldn't even watch T.V without seeing some PS2/PS1 advertisement. Sony needs to move their asses in marketing the PS3 correctly.

iHEARTboobs3592d ago

Sony would be in trouble if they were under MS's business model. The PS3 will stay on the market longer than the 360 and if anything, that's when they'll catch and surpass the 360 in sales if it isn't done by the time the next XBOX hits. But if Sony doesn't outsell the 360 by at least a million this year then they wont catch up until the next XBOX. But as a gamer as long as they keep pumping out great games i'm happy. It's a great system.

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tnkGODimATHEIST3593d ago

Sony LOST A LONG TIME AGO WITH THEIR garbage ass console.

PirateThom3593d ago

So many tears... what's wrong? Killzowned?

dukadork23593d ago

yeah he sounds like he just got gang raped by a squad of angry helghasts

3593d ago
PR3DAT0R3593d ago

Yeah lots of people agree with you right?
seriously stop trolling you are really starting to annoy me, since when has the ps3 been considered garbage?

ps3's not the console you have to take out to fix on a weekly basis unlike a certain console i know that will not be mentioned.

ultimolu3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Wow...who spit in your food today? o_0

And if the PS3 was a garbage console, it wouldn't exist today.

Shane Kim3593d ago

Sony made the 20 million mark faster than 360.

Gue13593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Can't do any other thing than laugh when a bot says that the PS3 is garbage when their console is getting massive failure rates around the planet... It doesn't even has any good games for 2009.

Zool 083593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

With KZ2, Heavy Rain, GOW3 & FF13(Japan) this year I think not

Dimitri3592d ago

ahhh you see what jealousy does to people ??

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StoneySweatLeafs3593d ago

Killzone 2 is going to change everything. Developers are going to see the results that were produced from the PS3 and flock to it. Plus with all the great games coming down the pike. It's tax seasons people. Watch the Feb. numbers rise!!

tnkGODimATHEIST3593d ago

Its just that simply Sony's marketing fails in comparison to Microsoft Game Publisher. Sony does a bad Publishing job.

Why dis3593d ago

The 2nd coming? hahahahahaha

ape0073593d ago

and you want n4g to ban hhg?

be happy with these articales,that'a all you want,you deserve this


edhe3592d ago

4 years & Sony's financial & technical backing all games do not have.

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ASSASSYN 36o3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Why do they say sony won't win against the 360 this gen. And why microsoft says they wouldn't want to trade position with sony this gen.
360 - 28m units - 39 months = 717948 units / month
PS3 - 20m units - 27 months = 740740 units / month

717948 per month*336months = 241230528 million xbox 360's sold
740740 per month*336months = 248888640 million ps3's sold

28 million xbox 360's today. + sold in 336 months =269230528
20 million ps3's today. + sold in 336 months =268888640

Even factoring a margin of error, plus or minus the numbers work in MS favor for holding 2nd. No sony will not die from this but they deffinitely loss their shine.
Even if the ps3 consistently outsells the xbox 360 world wide sony will still be in 3rd place in the console war in 336 months thats 28 years!

PirateThom3593d ago

Assuming nothing ever changes...

But, as you know, things rarely stay the same.

The_Zeitgeist3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Ah yes a very nice burn indeed PirateThom.

The Fungus3593d ago

IDK wtf you're smoking, but 336 months is 28 years :/

I dont even care about the rest of your post, I just want to know why you chose 336 months lol.

Concerning the article, PirateThom is right. Things change.

gametheory3593d ago

Assassyn "360"?

SNES was losing against Sega Genesis until Street Fighter and Zelda were released, and Sega started releasing many useless add-ons.

PS1 started slow.

Dreamcast started great.

Not saying things *will* change, saying things *can* change and that nothing is certain. After all, 360 started from horrible in Japan to below average.

Are you one of those losers that believes trends are never broken? Just asking.

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Valdass3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

now please in english