PlayStation Home dev support expands

PlayStation Home continues to expand, with 24 companies now on board supporting Sony's online platform

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Gue13570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

The PS3's growing on every aspect! More content. Bigger user base. Better support!

blackbeld3570d ago

Now this gonna be huge!!! Bigger, Better, more fun!!!!!!

xwabbit3570d ago

Didn't know they had so many companies till i saw this

xTruthx3570d ago

Yeah those are a lot of companies :o

Mindboggle3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Everyone loves their PS3 but does everyone love Home ? I know I sure dont. I think they are fighting a losing battle with Home. I just dont think anyones interested in walking around in a virtual world. I just wish they would continue to work on their XMB. Its so much better and accessible.

Home to me just feels like running up a hill carrying a Sack of potatoes. Its a struggle to use.

@ Deviant

Thats the only reason Sony created Home. To make money, they didnt really think of how boring it is. But if people are willing to pay £1 for a virtual t-shirt then more fool them.

xwabbit3570d ago

Well I'm sure theirs plenty of people in Home that can disagree with you :). That place is always full and Home isn't for every one ^^

WhiteLight3570d ago

Yeah i love home :), that's where i got my LBP friends :)

pimp6143570d ago

and I hate home, I log in once a month on it. So I can agree with you.

Deviant3570d ago

"I just dont think anyones interested in walking around in a virtual world" shouldnt think that much :).
Nah srsly neither am i using Home all the time but other people do. Sony earned some millions in one months.

The gaming GOD3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

My friend, your comment is EXACTLY what HOME was meant for.

It's a place to find new friends to game with. That is the real goal of HOME. Too many people treat it as if it's a game. Treat it as what it is, a social platform

And for those that say HOME is only about making money because they charge you for items, that is incorrect. If HOME was only there for money, then buying items on HOME would have been MANDATORY. Instead, it's a choice

PirateThom3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I thought you sold your PS3 after playing the Killzone 2 demo... a tangled web of lies slowly comes unfurled?

Deviant3570d ago


"I sold my ps3
after playing this demo, so I don't have it anymore."

"Gears of War
graphics are much much better then Killzone 2."

mhm :D

The gaming GOD3570d ago

Great work guys. Now sniff out the other 1 million liars of N4G

xwabbit3570d ago

Should be clear by now that pimp614, whythis and agent x are all fan boy's

aceitman3570d ago

u can tell all of his comments are negative against the ps3 and positive for 360 do us all a favor and go to the 360 section and let your lies go with you ps3 is stepping up and is moving foward it will be the year of ps3 i saw it my self in 30 minutes at a best buy i saw 4 ps3 get sold and one of the guys said he has enough of his 360 breaking down and took a reserve for killzone 2 .

Raz3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I'm still wondering what the heck they're going to do with Trophies. And Trophy levels? What's the point of that? What do I get for being level 6? Nothing, apparently...

@ The gaming GOD:

Um...actually, advertising is the other reason (next to $$$). I can't see all these developers signing on to Home just because 'it's a great place to meet people'. Business is still business - it didn't turn into altruism when you weren't looking.

The gaming GOD3570d ago

I never said it wasn't A reason. I just said it wasn't the ONLY reason

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krouse933570d ago

Hmm lets see Home's cool but ill like log in only when cool new stuff comes out lie when the EA sports lounge and casino and golfing and racing and basketball thing comes out ill be in home for a while plus it wont have lines. They already said their wont be lines.

The gaming GOD3570d ago

I do expect they'll try to be there eventually since they've been losing profits like nobody's business.

Coheno3570d ago

Yep, no SE! You have Hudson and IREM, but no SE! But yeah...wouldn't hold my breath!

Eventine3570d ago

It's too bad, I would love to see something like a Home flavored Gold Saucer with FF mini games or something. Ah, dreams..

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