Microsoft Upstages Sony At Comicon'09. Confirmed Gears Of War Will Be More Than Just A Triology

* PS3 To Get Some GTA4 DLC Now?
* Nintendo Wii shines at the Comicon '09 enjoy all the footage
* HipHopGamer Responds To ? you know what it is
* Activision on track to win studio of the year. X-Men Origins Wolverine is amazing
* And Much Much More NY Comicon Footage

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Spike473597d ago

Ican't wait for Gear Wars(Gears of War RTS), and Gears of War racing, and gears of war: expansion OSHDTDT. LOL

3597d ago
CyberSentinel3597d ago

Yo, Yo, Yo! FlipFlopGaymer!!!

What's popin G-money! Answer me this yo, how much cream does a podcaster make? Is that why you have to suck up and sell out to theses companies? Is it all about the free swag, playa?

Maybe this is why you suck up to sony so hard, they gave you a free ps3 and Microsoft wouldn't. Keep wasting your life instead of pursuing a real career. I'm sure you will just find someone else to blame that on as well.

cryymoar3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Microsoft exec 1: It's time to step it up a notch, Killzone 2 is taking a dump on us and we need to find a way to keep pumping out the same game but in a dfferent way.
Microsoft exec 2: How about a trilogy?
Microsoft exec 3: Or we can hire Peter Jackson to do a movie?!
Microsoft exec 4: Or we can pay $50 Million for DLC..?
*room gets quiet*
Microsoft exec 5: How about an RTS?!
Microsoft exec 1: Genuis.
Microsoft exec 2: I second that.
Microsoft exec 3: What he said.

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grantps33597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

gears of war the musical.


NegativeCreep4273597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Have you ever had the dream of going out on the town with Marcus Fenix or Dominic Santiago (maybe you've even dreamed of dating both of them at the same time), sucking back on some martinis and Grey Goose Vodka at a local, swag sushi shop with them. Then when the night is about to end, have you ever dreamed of inviting them inside to "check out" the new bed sheets?

If all this describes you Xbot butt-buddies, then the new Gears of War Dating Simulator is just what you've been waiting for. Reserve today...and please hurry. Don't leave Marcus waiting ;)

TOO PAWNED3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

1."Microsoft Upstages Sony At Comicon'09."- this guy knows how to get hits.
2.Since when is comicon relevant when it comes to games? I mean come on...

DavidMacDougall3597d ago

WTF HHG them pop ups on your video are annoying the **** outta me.

XGRaViSmOrSX3597d ago

there was no upstaging at all and i agree he knows how to whore out his website.

im starting to get tired of hiphop gamer.

FaSeCeX3597d ago

n wats up with all the crying he said she said high school drama in articles/shows? haha yes u tryin to cover u're tryin to cover ur name n w/e but somethings are just better left alone..YOU lose when u sink to someones level..sound like a bunch of girls

on a different note..gta4 dlc for ps3..true or not..but y have 1? most folks are over gta4 n onto better/newer games

n jakinov is it really that serious?

3597d ago
whoelse3597d ago

"You know when you think of Video Games you only think of Atari"

Uh no!!

Monchichi0253597d ago

HipHop Gamer gets puts on blast for stupid titles....and he follows it up, by putting up another stupid title!!! LOL

This guy is Unreal!!

StephanieBBB3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

"Microsoft Upstages Sony At Comicon'09"

1. He explains this in his show (As I know like 98% of people commenting here doesn't watch so they assume stuff out of thin air) That all the consoles present at comicon that were showing multiplatform games where Xbox360's and thats why microsoft upstages sony at comicon.

2. Why would he post this in the PS3 section as it says that Microsoft is killing Sony at comicon?

"Since when is comicon relevant when it comes to games? I mean come on..."

Comicon has ALOT of games put in booths that are related to Anime/cartoons as a majority of those that watch anime/cartoons will buy the game that speaks to thier audience. So yeah, comicon has alot to do with gaming overall.

Im not a fan of hiphopgamer I think most of how his portraing himself in the show is just an act (I mean he can't quit being over the top "gangster" now as his viewers and fans would think "wtf?"). I don't think he's like that when your 1 on 1 with him, but my god he's probably 1000000 times smarter and more succesful than any of you posting here atm, so suck it up and go back to eating your momas cooking as your life couldn't be any less boring. Im out...

JoySticksFTW3597d ago

Just tune out...

But for what it's worth, you have some serious emotional / security issues if you think he's biased.

He always praises Xbox360, eventhough he personally likes the PS3 more. That's a whole lot more than we all can say for the 360 "journalist" fanboys that hate on the PS3 constantly.

But all of that would make too much sense. Let's just get our torches and pitchforks...

Monchichi0253597d ago

Funny how you call us stupid, when you can't even type a paragraph without loads of mistakes.

As for us getting on HipHop Gamer; try reading something before commenting because you have absolutely no clue. Yes MS could've upstaged Sony, but the fact that he wrote it how he did is what angers us. He wrote it to ignite fanboys to get hits on his site. It's crap journalism and we're sick and tired of it.

And know who you're talking to first before trying to call us out because I bet most of us are more successful and have more of a social life then your dumb arse. But I'm sorry, I forgot I was talking to a little school girl!! WADA!!

NaiNaiNai3597d ago

as relavent as CES with the sony fanboys saying MS had nothing T_T.

gaffyh3596d ago

Good show, guys if you don't like it don't watch it. I don't see what the problem is?

I don't like Gamespot's On The Spot anymore since Jeff and Ryan left, so I don't watch it. Is that too hard to do?

earwax3596d ago

That is a VERY large part of NY Comic Con and I have more bad news. I did not see 1 PS3 running games ALL Wii and 360 maybe the red fraction Demo was PS3 not sure.

egm_hiphopgamer3596d ago

microsoft upstaged sony because at the comicon 95 percent of the games were running on 360 and that right there is gonna make people support the 360 even more which equals more sales and it's smart on microsoft's part

njr3596d ago

Where were you? I saw PS3's running Tom Clancy's HAWX, Ghostbusters, and what I think was DC universe online. I do have to say though the ratio of games were smaller on PS3.

Spydiggity3596d ago

so i'm the only one who hears that when he is talking about ps3 owners he says "we" but when he talks about 360 owners he says "360 owners" or "those guys" or "they"? Right there is all you need to know.

Sorry HHG. but you're showin your colors, man. you are trying to defend yourself against these attacks by saying you're not on one side, but you most definitely are. You definitely need to step back and think about what you're saying.

StephanieBBB3596d ago

Ok lets let the jury decide who's statement is the most correct and least idiotic of yours and mine.

Agree(3) | Disagree(16)

Agree(13) | Disagree(5)

I rest my case...

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dylantalon3597d ago

i would love for "the hiphop gamer" to have his own television show because he is truly unbiased . he speaks the truth about the gaming industry and a lot of people hate him for it, but i support him because he's speaking the TRUTH.

ps. the talon stands for taleneted.

interrergator3597d ago

dylantalon i see that u need buddies im in

TIKUP3597d ago

arent you the person who co-runs psxextreme?

killzone2flop3597d ago

I can't wait for MGS5 lego ,MGS RTS, MGS Racing.LOL.

strotee3597d ago

That'd make more sense if MGS had ever been on one console.

Newsflash: It hasn't.

Gue13597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

The only problem is that GeoW franchise is going or its third game on current gen while MGS have on Sony since the 1998 on the PS1(I know MGS has game on nes and the old MSX but I don't care, those aren't the same as the PS1, they only shared some elements)... FAIL!

Most of the people that hate Sony is for the wrong reasons. You ask to an Xbox fanboy why they hate Sony and their only complain is that Sony are arrogant but they apparently fail to understand that MS and Nintendo are pretty arrogant too. How can you like a console as defective as the X360 and one that make you pay for everything is light years beyond me.

PR3DAT0R3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Killzone2flop, seriously why comment, i mean no one ever agrees with you, have you even got a comment with more agrees than disagrees?

You suck at mindlessly bashing ps3 related subjects, why don't you try making a positive attitude towards Sony, ps3 and life in general

cereal_killa3597d ago

the only people that agree or help bubble up KZflop aka PP is his other accounts even the 360 fanboys hate him. PP why dont you just give up and get a real life join a club at school and get some friends you clearly have none.

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