Why are Black Characters Failing the Audience?

February is Black History Month. As an African-American Darion White wanted to take this opportunity to study some of the issue surrounding games and the portrayals of African characters or those with African heritage.

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ape0073568d ago

I remember some of the best characters in vg history

cj from san andreas

mechael lori from shadow man



vic vance from gta vice city stories

iamtehpwn3568d ago

Drebbin, Metal Gear Solid 4.

Venomish3568d ago

I agree. exactly what i thought

JoySticksFTW3568d ago

Because they make chickens nest in their afros,

make them the only character in the game to speak Ebonics (Barret),

and make them hang out with monkeys (I like Drebin too, but really...),

SigInt from MGS3 was cool, though. And Tekken's Raven is bad-arse

socomnick3568d ago

drebin was an annoying sisquo, i half expected him to start singing the thong song.

Bnet3433568d ago

Cole Train is a beast. He made Gears shine.

MountainManBeard3568d ago

Im NOT BLACK, IM WHITE but from what i can grasp the target audience does to me seem to representent quite the stereotype. Its ierritating to go or watch any high shcool, college, or pro football or basketball game and see that 90% of the black athletes act like they are all "gangstas" and rappers. It seems they have a tough time to identify with anything else. It seems as a whole originallity is dead for the young black male. Have they relized other clothes besides baggy and thug looking clothes exist? Seriously i go to high school and what do i see 99% of the small amount of black kids guy and girl dress like they came out of a rap video. So i think first they must change if they want to see change, there simply isn't enough from what im seeing on their part.

jetlian3568d ago

what should they be wearing then? cargo pants? maybe goth clothes with a metal chain? lol maybe they like wearing baggy clothes becuz its confortable!

90 % of white people wear the same stuff too just you don't notice.

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RUPITY3568d ago

That's because they stereotype Black people.

They're not racist,they just don't know wtf is the proper representation of a Black man/Black woman in a videogame.

Black Maverick3568d ago

Exactly. They're not bad people, they just don't know. There are only so many black developers around, if any. No major ones that I know of.

ASSASSYN 36o3568d ago

Ignorance is no excuse. These devs can research a gun down to every detail but they fail with black people. What joke.

Sitdown3568d ago

Bubbles....what a powerful observation.

Lich1203567d ago

Seems to me it would be a lot easier to research a gun than to sum up an entire demographic with one character. Im not saying that they can't do better but I don't think cole train (as featured in the pic) isn'tdoing any injustice. Augustus Cole is basically just Terry Tate being himself. The devs said that to, they would just let him loose in a recording studio and about 80 percent of what is said was his own doing.

Plus the article said Eastern games do white leads well? Really? It doesn't bother me that they don't but lets face it, beyond metal gear I can't think of any game atm that protrays a white guy that just isn't totally ridiculous.

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LTC3568d ago

How about Bomboclaat gamer from N4G

Lich1203567d ago

I didn't even think of that, very good example.

Mindboggle3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Article from Edge....Dont care

@ TruEve

Well seeing as your not from Edge I will actually read it. Im just fed up of the stupid reviews and articles that have been coming from edge recently.

Hey I shouldnt of judged it because its actually a really good article. Like a user said above me, most developers still use the stereotypical "Black Guy" character due to the fact the media is always exposing them.

People like Soulja boy dont help (Sorry that may sound stupid but i cant stand him)

TruEve3568d ago

I wrote this article for my site Prime Plus (Darion White). Edge was interested so they wanted to republish is for me on their site! How nice of them :).

Tony P3568d ago

Yeah, I remember reading this earlier in the week. Good article, really insightful.