GameQuarter3: Killzone 2 Review

"The SIXAXIS is well used by Guerrilla Games. By placing heavy bombs and running to send you exposed your SIXAXIS run. Also the loading screens, you can even play with your SIXAXIS. The cover system is a welcome addition in Killzone 2. I am become a big fan of this cover system. Behind by a box or plate stand and L2 button you will activate the cover system. Analog stick by your side pushing you around the corner to see a few bullets to solve. Like that you can stick to the top just to push your head to show. It works very well and ensures that each battle you can tactical approach. Search any coverage if you are seriously injured or needs to reload.They are those little things that Killzone 2 is better than other shooters."

Rough Dutch to English Translation

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queerbearandchicken3448d ago

warms my heart kazooie

kazooie: im a queer chicken!

SeTTriP3448d ago

wow your review is starting to look a bit suspect.whiiine,i want COD4 controls,whiiine,it brings nothing new to the genre.whiiiine,i see a couple low rez shadows.and my personal favorite,killzone2 is overhyped,the only thing being overhyped,is these whiney ass journalist fancying themselves professional gamers,noobs can't even adjust to a tight controls's not GG fault if you suck sugar coated floppy c*ck at fps.if you can't adjust to a control scheme like kz2,then you should get a new hobby.might i suggest scrapbooking.

JDW3448d ago

You never had a subscription.

XtreemGamer3448d ago

Great review from a great game.

heyheyhey3448d ago

glad to see someone picking up on sixaxis use... i also like the way you can make the loading screens twitch around with the sixaxis

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The story is too old to be commented.