Siliconera Speaks Up: What Is Your Dream Remake?

These days, it seems like a remake is popping up each week. Which game would you like to see get a full remake? (Just to define a remake, Final Fantasy IV DS would be a remake. Persona PSP and Chrono Trigger DS add a few new features, but they're really ports.)

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Jager3598d ago

FF7, make a full remake of that Square, and all your financial troubles will go away :P

hay3598d ago

For me it's full blown FF6 remake with next gen visuals, rearranged orchestral soundtrack, updated storytelling techniques, improved cutscenes(but not Advent Children style) and added content.

sinny3597d ago

For me : Ghost and Goblins ( but it has to be in 2D handmade graphics )

SinnedNogara3597d ago

For me: Final Fantasy VII on the Wii. Here is my idea: Named RE: Final Fantasy VII this game would have online leaderboards (to display things like enemy defeats or stuff like that) updated graphics (COR: Escape from Butcher Bay like) side quests and a remade version of another FF7 game, like Dirge de Cerebrus built in the disc.

We would need id Software Data Compression for this remake.

I would also like to see the remake of Eternal Darkness on the Wii. I missed the game when it first came out. I would love to see a graphical upgrade and/or some new modes.

Geist would be cool, with Nintendo Wi-Fi support, updated graphics and some new modes and Xbox graphics.

You know how Doom 3 was on the Xbox and was a decent shooter. Since the Wii is as powerful as a Xbox, maybe that Doom 3 should be ported over.

And Quake Live.