New gun and headshots in Killzone 2 Demo

Just a small heads up for you Killzone2 lovers.

Did you know you can get a go on the STA14?
The video shows it in action.

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zdudynot3595d ago

but youve got to do the glitch were u get to fly with the ISA flying thing, type it in to u tube, i was past the door were the demo ends. seriously

Marcello3595d ago

Well i searched but couldnt find anything like that, so give us a link

chaosatom3595d ago

You can get into the ship and then go so high up and do catwalks!!

zodiac9093595d ago

no you don't you just have to shoot the guy carrying the gun on the roof of the warehouse when he is at the edge, but shoot his legs so he falls forward

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achira3595d ago

cant wait to try it out! yeah! i love this damn game! best game ever !!!!!!!!!!!! gameplay is so addictive. i want to kill some helghast, oh wait, i have a demo, bye bye...

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3595d ago

Heads up??? What??? So he can blow-it off!!! ;-D

One thing everyone has to play it with is a DS3 Pad!!! ;-P
The Rumble in that game is Amazing!!! ;-P

+ Yep, played it Millions of times to;)

chidori6663595d ago

jesus! THE DEMO HAVE VARIUS GLITCHS AND BUGS.... poor sony.... create one game full of fails!

komp3595d ago

Its not a glitch.

What your doing is throwing a nade up making him backaway then the explosion pushes him off the roof.

pwnsause3595d ago

dumbass, the game plays differently everytime you do something to the enemy AI. this is just one example in the game.

Nitrowolf23595d ago

Funny is that the demo is from sometime in 08, so there is no way in telling if those glitches are even in the final version. I find it stupid that so many people are hating on KZ2 because of glitches in a DEMO VERSION. There are always glitches and bugs in demo's.

LeonSKennedy4Life3595d ago

It's not a glitch in the least bit. It's something Guerrilla gave us the option to do in the game. It's just the hardest gun to attain in the demo.

redsquad3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

As a rule, humans THINK, then SPEAK. You've got things the wrong way round matey! The gun 'glitch' is just a random element that makes the game more enjoyable.

I love the 'random' nature of the AI in the game. Lobbing a grenade at the APC's by the floodgates send the disgorging troops in different directions each time. They'll then sometimes flank you, sometimes not. You never know who's creeping up on your position and so you're always on the edge of your seat waiting.
Great stuff.

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Spike473595d ago

various glitches? LOL, ever heard of patches? Besides, the game still plays very smoothly and has a meta of 93.

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