Splatterhouse remake to include original game

Splatterhouse, the bloody action adventure romp coming soon to the PlayStation 3, is a remake of a beat 'em up of the same name released by Namco in 1988

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Mindboggle3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Is this blu ray or PSN. I would much prefer PSN.

PirateThom3536d ago

The game is on Blu-ray.

It's a remake, but it's not like an HD remix kind of thing, it's a totally new, 3D game.

ahhoiboy3536d ago

I would love it if they make it work with the psp via ps3 copy to pro duo.PLeaSe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stationfan3536d ago

So is this game a ps3 exclusive, i was under the impression that it was going to be multiplat.

bunbun7773535d ago

very nice nod to the old fans, giving them an incentive like this. And something that possibly could be enjoyed by new fans as well.

Hope to see this become a trend-- with a nex gen MegaMan game...

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