Joystiq: NYCC 09: The Conduit revisited; hands on a 'new' game

Joystiq writes:

"The Conduit is a story of hype because it is a story of hope. Not the interactive story (that might be about hope, too), but the story of the game's development. We won't rehash the dramatic rise to relevance of High Voltage Software's labor of love, but we certainly thought about it as we played a section of the game at New York Comic Con this weekend. The Conduit has a publisher -- finally -- in Sega, but it is still cherished for its grass roots origin. Technically, this was very much the same game we previewed back in October, but we couldn't help but notice the change taking place as we blasted through an alien invasion inside Sega's Comic Con booth."

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ChickeyCantor3567d ago

Meh people keep talking about the Looks of it.
But if the control works out well enough its good enough for me.

( i even enjoyed the Quake port for the homebrew channel, the controls really add up to it, while the game looks like real crap).