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AATG: Killzone 2 First Impressions

AATG writes:

"Although smoke and mirrors are a necessary evil in development, it has been (quite forcefully and sometimes with LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS) argued that Sony took this to something of a cynical extreme with their initial presentation of Killzone 2 at E3 '05. Although it eventually introduced us (some months later) to the concept of a 'target render', the result of Sony's larking about is that the gaming community is more polarised over Killzone 2 than any other title I can remember. So, cunningly marketed and promising FPS upstart or cynically overhyped PS3 failware?

Clattering into battle at the start of the demo on the back of a remarkably foolishly designed APC-type vehicle (although armoured personnel carrier is perhaps a bit misleading seeing as your squad benefit from no armour protection at all sat on top of the bloody thing), and crash-landing on a beach, it's quickly obvious that Guerilla has its sights set firmly on a Call of Duty-style experience of linear progression and scripted set pieces, albeit in a sci-fi setting. Not that I have no idea of the plot, you understand, but fortunately the characterisation makes this a minor issue; your squad are all solid jock stereotypes whilst the enemy Helghast wear helmets with demonic glowing red eyes. It's likely to be fairly apparent which one to fill with bullets."

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