The top ten video game commercials (videos included)

Video games are advertised in all sorts of ways, with one of the original methods being commercials on TV. I have to say that most video game commercials of today are pretty boring compared to what I watched as I grew up. Some were good, others were bad, and then there are those that truly grabbed the audience's attention. The following list I have put together is my top 10 video game commercials which stands out as classics in my book. With so many video game commercials of past and present, chances are your list is going to be different from mine. Even so, these commercials are meant to make you laugh and smile, so just sit back and enjoy the show.

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PirateThom3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

That wasn't an ad for GTA, it was an ad for Coca-Cola... Coca-Cola used GTA as a basis, it wasn't advertising GTA.

ANoobsJourney3595d ago

When something is advertised that doesn’t do and/or isn’t what the product in question really is, that is called misleading advertising. Taking that into consideration, this is exactly what happened when Grand Theft Auto did a commercial on Coca-Cola by showing an environment that is the complete opposite of what a Grand Theft Auto game really is.

PirateThom3595d ago

GTA/Rockstar had nothing to do with it.

It was Coca-Cola cashing in on a popular franchise.

NaiNaiNai3595d ago

"play with a friend, or play with yourself."

LMFAO. awesome.