A Humorous Left 4 Dead Game Diary presents the first in an article series that is meant to be a humorous Left 4 Dead game dairy that leads through the No Mercy campaign.

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hombrehambre3571d ago

Lol great stuff. Didn't the editors of PC Magazine online do something like this with GalCiv 2 once?

tinydancer3571d ago

Indeed they did: Here's the link for that Game Diary: http://www.computerandvideo...

It's absolutely classic, and an awesome read even for those who have never played the game.

MountainMaverick3571d ago

Ah, I've read that before! Quite a quirky story, if I remember right. Who wrote that? I'd love to read some of his other stuff.

RKRigney3571d ago

I believe that Tom Francis was the writer of that one. He has other stuff like it on the same site if you look for it. Fantastic gaming journalist.

hombrehambre3571d ago

Left 4 Dead = The best 360 shooter of last year. BAM. I said it, and I believe it.

tinydancer3571d ago

Meh. It was up there, but there were just so many great ones that it's hard to judge, imo

Volvobug3571d ago

why is the temp going up so quickly on this article? It only has 6 comments as of now

RKRigney3571d ago

haha I donno but as the submitter, I'm pretty happy about it ;D