Gamersyde : GTA IV DLC hands-on

Gamersyde writes:

"Last week Gamersyde was invited to a – short – presentation of Grand Theft Auto IV's upcoming DLC, The Lost and Damned. With Snoopers all dressed in a very trendy down jacket, we faced the cold of winter to see what it was all about. First impressions inside.

The Lost and Damned should be considered as an additional episode taking place in the Grand Theft Auto IV world. Much like a spin-off, you'll get to run into some old acquaintances from the previous game and of course wander around the streets of good old Liberty City. Things are not all the same though since the eyes through which you will see the story are no longer those of a freshly arrived immigrant from Eastern Europe."

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sugard03597d ago

After reading this: "From what we could see during the presentation, it doesn’t seem like the game is going to offer real new situations mission-wise. It will still be about delivering packages or going from point A to point B by bike with a pinch of car chases or gunfights in between so you can measure up against Blues or Angels."


"The Lost and Damned may not bring that much more to GTA IV but it will undoubtedly please all those who just needed an excuse to go back to Liberty City and have some more fun there."

YOU CAN COUNT ME OUT! More repetitive missions? *yawn* zzzzzZZZZZZZZ

swl72us3596d ago

SR2 is just a much more enjoyable game. I have held on to GTA4 just for this DLC, but I am having second thoughts about purchasing it now. I have went back to GTA4 just to see if it grabs me enough to want to pay for more content but it really hasn't. I can see the charm in some of the missions, but the gameplay just isn't as much fun as it should be. Now SR2 does almost everything right. I just hope the DLC adds more missions or activities or both. There is really nothing in GTA4 that I wish for in SR2 except possibly the cover system and maybe the taxi fast travel.