Top 10 Most Overrated Video Game Franchises

This controversial list describes the ten most overrated video game franchises of all time, from Sonic to Halo.

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Samus20803569d ago

Ghosts N' Goblins? You've got to be kidding me.

will113569d ago Show
y0haN3569d ago

I'm gonna press Report because that is hella off-topic.

Sheddi3569d ago

Ill be pressing -bubbles.

InMyOpinion3569d ago

Press agree if you think will11 is an idiot. Press disagree if you think will11 is a loser.

RKRigney3569d ago

Yeah Will fails epicly...

Rikitatsu3569d ago

We all know how crappy that Nintendo fanboy site. Just take a look at their articles !

I can't believe they put Sonic, GOW, Tekken ... LAWL

callahan093569d ago

I think Tekken is the only franchise on this list I can agree on.

mint royale3569d ago

God of War shouldn't be there (although I think it is ever so slightly overrated).

Agree with Sonic though, to me it always has been a poor man's mario.

Lich1203569d ago

I love Half Life. But you sir are a gentleman and a scholar so we shall have to agree to disagree. But I guess that article agrees with you a bit more on this one.

Although he said there are too few enemies and compares the enemy count to Mario. Forgive me if that makes zero sense since Mario has no story and HL actually adheres to a narrative. When a story is involved you can't just go all willy nilly adding ridiculous enemies.

MountainMaverick3569d ago

Tekken blows...So many better fighting games

wii ftw3569d ago

tekken is overrated although it is still a good game.

Downtown boogey3569d ago

Especially Halo: Combat Evolved?

Ratchet_Co3569d ago

You know what's not overated about this list? Fail. About half of those games on the list are awesome. You know what Old Wizard? If your going to keep a Nintendo-fanboyish view on games, then only talk about Nintendo games, it only makes sense.

IzKyD13313569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Old Wizard needs to STFU about the SNES and N64 days, here is a message, THIS ISN'T THE 80s and 90s!!!!

Stop comparing everything to Super Metroid, Mega Man, Mario and the early Zeldas

Look what they said about GOW: But if you a big fan of mindless button mashing with good graphics, you’ll probably like this series, but I doubt that many fans of the golden age of video gaming who have played classic games like A Link to the Past and Chrono Trigger, would give this game a 9.8.

Look what they said about Halo: don’t think that you’ll find too many old school gamers who have played truly epic games like A Link to the Past or Super Mario 3 saying that Halo is the best video game franchise of all time. Does Halo really compare to old SNES classics like Super Metroid or Mega Man 2?

prunchess3569d ago

The article just listed the 10 most popular franchises out there and dissed them. Give us a break. FAIL.

cayal3569d ago

"Agree with Sonic though, to me it always has been a poor man's mario."

I don't think anyone has rated Sonic as good since Sonic 1,2,3. I don't see how it can be over-rated when people don't think it is good.

Other than that, it is a horrible list. He just took the most popular franchises and called them over-rated.

bpac1234567893569d ago

I gotta disagree with the #1 pick. Yah there are way to many pokemon games but i remember when i was 12 how i use to log hundreds of hours on pokemon, and spend hours more battling all my friends, everybody had it and it was definitely some of the most fun i've had out of any video game, ever. Pokemon was extremely addicting there's no getting around that. It might not be the greatest RPG ever but it's definitely up there, (if you take finalfantasy and a bunch of others out of the picture.)

Oh yah, why is God of War on that list it may be slightly overhyped but definitely not one of the most over hyped games.

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Samus20803569d ago

Gotta agree with Halo and GTA though.

OldWizard3569d ago

You do understand that the #1 most overrated franchise on the list is a NINTENDO game, don't you? Just making sure.

razorbladelight3569d ago

but i guess they were trying to outdo themselves this time by putting Pokemon as number 1. I don't understand how they even put Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger in the same category as Pokemon. I've played all three and all three are incredible. I men all three are addicting and keep you playing for hours, the thing is that FF III and CT are by no means the same in incentive. FF III and CT have story, depth and awesome gameplay, and Pokemon is addicting with it's "Gotta Catch 'Em All" craze and it works. I have been playing every pokemon game in the series (or at least one per generation) since its debut and it isn't overrated if millions of people keep buying and revering the game. It would become overrated if people kept buying the game and it would suck, but that's not the case with pokemon so suck it OLD WIZARD with your craptacular lists!

Kriller3569d ago

Actually I agree with most of this list. Except for Sonic, the games on this list are all overrated. Especially the Half Life series.

Lombax3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Half Life is way overrated. In fact I'd go as far as saying valve is overrated. Portal was the only thing that did that I liked. I couldn't even finish HL 1 or 2 I got so bored. Reminds me of GTA4 in that way.

BTW I really liked Portal and hope they actually do something with it.

Dmitry Orlov3569d ago

i wonder if the writer even played sonic games after 2 part. Sonic Adventures and Sonic Adventures 2 were really cool; Sonic Unleashed was WAY underrated by sites that give score to games - I've played it and I love it. Since the moment I realised that SU was simply feasted upon by scoring sites, I simply don't care about scores any more.
Sonic was never overrated. The franchise has it's own fans like any other series, apart from these fans don't go screaming around that Sonic is the best game ever (unlike Halo/Gears/Killzone/MGS/LBP fans).

BigSwede3569d ago

Norway is an overrated country. Sweden dominates the world!

PrimordialSoupBase3569d ago

Just once I'd like to see a list like this that had Madden on there.

WHY would you include POKEMON on an overrated games list? That game has outsold any other series with the exception of the Mario Brothers. This list is crap.

hombrehambre3569d ago

Yeah I agree. I can't believe they compared FF3 to Pokemon. Pokemon outsold FF3 by a factor of over 10 to 1.

DDP3569d ago

Yeah, I've never liked FF3. Chrono Trigger is definitely better than Pokemon though IMHO.

Hixon4Life3569d ago

Pokemon better than FF3???? LOL. Who cares which sold more?

kparks3569d ago

i thought i was the only one who think madden is the biggest piece of crap ever i love football but every year EA release a halfa$$ game called madden. and the fact that i will not even buy a EA game till they start worrying about the consumer and stop flooding the market with crap halfway finished game

Samus20803569d ago

Madden is a bad announcing too.

cayal3569d ago

"WHY would you include POKEMON on an overrated games list? That game has outsold any other series with the exception of the Mario Brothers. This list is crap."

Do you even know what overrated means?

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