The Good, the Bad, and the Shipping February 8 - 15

It looks like a scary week in gaming; perfect for valentine's day!

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IzKyD13313572d ago

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers?


cain1413572d ago

If that's decent, I'll be surprized

SirLarr3572d ago

I loved Earth Defense Force, hoping Onechanbara is just as cheesy.

no1safe3572d ago

Isn't Shellshock 2 going to be released in Europe at February 13 for PC/X360/PS3?

bobdog6263572d ago

If you don't have Mass Effect by Now you should get this game at all cost !This Game is a Must Have Game.It's Unbelieveable !!!

Shnazzyone3572d ago

mmm 3 new games i gotta grab for wii. The only one i'm sketchy on is ochinubra but after the reviews come out on that i'll know weather i should add it to the list.