3D Juegos: Halo Wars Impressions

3DJuegos writes: "With the final version in drafting 3DJuegos for days, it's time to carry out our latest impressions of playable to the sale of Halo Wars at the end of February. UNSC and Covenant weapons to ensure their next confrontation."

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JokesOnYou3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

-Some of the translations are a bit rough but either way after playing the demo I thought these impressions were spot on from 3DJuegos.

"The first thing that draws attention to get at the controls of Halo Wars is similar to what is actually to do any console RTS. Rather than simplifying controls, for example, EndWar, Ensemble Studios bid to move all the classic elements that have been the strategy in real time with the control pad, and we say that a very good one."

"The quality of the cinematic sequences is undeniable. Are abundant and they are all carried out with a stunning taste. The story is one of the aspects to which more attention has been given."

"Each unit has its own special secondary action. The infantry threw grenades, the Warthogs trample the enemy ... The access to these forms of attack is so fast and intuitive as any other RTS."

"At the most visually striking is how well you have captured the essence in the game Halo. All units, design and movements, exude an aroma that Bungie gave them at the time."