G4TV: Hulk' + 'Crackdown' + 'Saints Row' = 'Prototype'? Impressions From NYCC

G4TV writes: "It has been a long road getting Prototype to market. Originally scheduled to launch in 2008, the game was to be published by Sierra, but got put on hold while Activision and Blizzard formed a gestalt death robot and decided which games in development would make the cut. OK, so traditionally you need five robots to form a gestalt deathbot, but come on, it's a nice visual.

According to Kelly Zmak, president of Prototype developer Radical Entertainment, things got a little tense even though the team stayed the course while Prototype's fate was in limbo. "Yeah, I was nervous," Zmak said during a pre-New York Comic Con event, "We went quiet with the development but we were always full steam ahead. We never stopped working after we sold the IP and validated it along the way." After getting my hands on the game, I can safely say that Radical's hard work and perseverance were worth the wait."

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JokesOnYou3478d ago

"The gameplay combines elements of The Hulk, Saints Row 2, Crackdown, and House of the Dead."

-Crackdown was one of my favorite 360 games this gen, its a shame it was overlooked a bit because of its ties with the Halo3 Beta but don't be fooled by the cell-shaded graphics the game was pure run n' gun go anywhere fun. If Prototype manages to capture that "Crackdown feeling" with all the other [email protected] moves this character Alex has in his arsenal then it should be one helluva game.


Cajun Chicken3477d ago

Tell me about it, EDF2017 and Crackdown are my personal favs on the 360.

rbluetank3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

the game was fun as hell... i did not like how you had to duck 200 hundred bullets being shot at you and respawning enemies all the time. once i got control of my powers it was a breeze. people should give this game a second look. 50cent new game reminds me of crackdown along with Prototype. i will be picking both of them up this year.