OXM UK: Stormrise Preview

OXM UK writes: "Creative Assembly isn't won over by the latest generation of real-time strategy games. "They're like 'RTS-lite' or 'My First Strategy Game', but that's not what fans of the genre demand," says product manager Vispi Bhopti.

The goal with Stormrise is to make a deep and involving RTS, but with a control system that doesn't oversimplify or limit what you can do.
"We've got a control system called Wheel Select which is actually faster in some circumstances, and in most situations as fast, as the mouse and keyboard," says Bhopti."

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pippoppow3567d ago

Want to see more of this game and how it controls. This may be the 1st game to rival a PC RTS if ithe control scheme is sucessful. The controls are the major hurdle console RTS' must overcome, without having to dumb it down.