Game Journalists, Fanboys, and Haters

Nothing is worse then when a journalism outlet starts navel gazing, but recently there has been a spate of articles about the quality, content, and actions of the video game journalism industry. Too much fanboyism, too many rumors, not real "journalists, amateur bloggers, industry shills. The list of quips, names and comments goes off into the sunset it is so long….nobody is innocent. Some of these names are deserving others are not. I want to pull a couple quotes to highlight various misconceptions.

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hankmoody3593d ago

This article brings up some good points but I still feel like using big, ridiculous topics as headlines just to get hits is crap journalism. Plus his whole demeanor only adds to the misconception that hip hop is populated solely by ignorant sounding individuals.

Monchichi0253593d ago

Down with the crap journalism!! Save the Gaming Community!

And Yes they have every right to do what there doing...but ask yourself, is it right?? If we don't fight to stop it now the problem will only get worse and worse!

prowiew3593d ago

I don't care about his headlines or show. But that last article he wrote, you could not even understand it. Thats my only complaint. My other complaint is someone writing an article defending hhg. Wait what?

Lifendz3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

for one, he needs to hire someone to look over his posts to make sure they're written correctly. For two, he has to ignore the fanboys/haters of the world.

I'm sure he deals with an amount of racism, hate, etc that he doesn't even tell us about. Then again, I'm sure a lot of game "journalists" (and I use the phrase loosely) do as well.

Bottom line is he can't let that become the focal point of his show.

"that last article he wrote, you could not even understand it"

I agree completely. I don't think he realizes how much credibility he loses when he says he's a journalist but his articles are that poorly written.

WLPowell3592d ago

But even IGN's articles are plagued with spelling and grammatical errors. So I would rather it be the honest journalism that HHG brings, because alot of the IGN's of the world always come off as suspect to me like they have some sort of agenda. (most of them do)