Things You May Not Have Noticed In The Killzone 2 Demo

EU PS3 Blog writes: We've played the Killzone 2 demo more times than we care to mention. That means upwards of 5! And, just for you lucky, lucky people, here is a list of thing you may not have noticed while blasting those red-eyed baldies.

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andron3569d ago

I spent some good time blowing up every gas container I saw, destroying the table inside the office. When you blast the chairs there they emit feathers.

I must play it again and try that gun. It's sooo long until the game comes out...

shadowghost7523569d ago

me too, i spend ages shooting containers and watched spin around and then exploding, absolutely great

TheColbertinator3569d ago

Yeah I found the hidden gun as well.It fires like the M1 Garand from World War II

redsquad3568d ago

I actually got that on the first play through, but the single-shot rifle didn't really work for me in this particular section (Too close quarters)

xT-Virusx3568d ago

that you can decapitate Helhgans by shooting them in the neck point blank with the shotgun!

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Me getting stiff!!! ;-o

Not sure if anyone Noticed this -
Before you play the Demo, open your Windows(Er House Windows, not M$ Windows!!!) ;-D and start up the Demo, start playing it and you can hear the sound of Millions of xBot Zombie DLC Lemmings CRYING!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

NegativeCreep4273568d ago

Just for the fact that their mommys and daddys won't go out and buy them a Playstation 3 and a copy of Killzone 2.

Poor little trolls are going to be left out of all the action. Too bad really. I would have loved to kill and tea-bag all those annoying idiots online with Killzone 2.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Thank you my Loyal Disciples;)
I hope you enjoy my Vision of the Future...KillZone 2!!! ;-P

+ WOW!!! No??? Disagrees yet??? They must be CRYING HARD!!! ;-D

xT-Virusx3568d ago

I got so stiff my pen15's pen15 got stiff

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robo36873569d ago

i like that if you shoot too many of your own guys...even by of your guys kills you...

gamesmaster3568d ago

hey another cool thing i noticed, when garza goes down hurt i ran over to heal him, next to us at the time was a red gas canister. just as i go to heal him i hear one of the helgast shout aim for the container and then boom they blow it up right next to us!! it didnt kill me but it put garza back down!?!

give it a try stand next to container and see what they do.

gta28003568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

That's f'n awesome. I'm gonna try it. I love how they run away from the grenades. I threw one in a group of like 6 of them and they all scattered and took cover! And when they take cover they will shoot with their backs on cover and they only pop out when they don't hear any gun fire from you. They also throw grenades a lot(which I love. Means you will have to move from cover to cover. Makes it more challenging). Their accuracy is also pretty good from up close(I've played so many FPS's where you get close and the enemies still miss!). Get too close to at least 2 Helghast and you're sure to get taken out. The AI is gonna make this game much more awesome that it already is for me. Also, the way the Helghast sound and the sh*t they say also makes them more badass!

Mc Fadge3569d ago

Find the toilet paper? :D

Maldread3569d ago

No i didn`t, and although it will sound as a strange (and somewhat disgusting) question, where is the toilet paper ? ;)

Mc Fadge3569d ago

I don't know what the circumstances for it occuring are, and I've only had it happen once. However, if you destroy the wooden crate underneath the stairs just after you take the lift, there's a whole bunch of toilet paper rolls inside :D

Maldread3568d ago

Hehe ok. I`ve only found grenades there, but maybe it changes from time to time then ;)