PSU Socom confrontation review update

The good people at PSU decided to update there review of socom confrontation.

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likedamaster3569d ago

Almost 4 months later though? Fail

GiantEnemyLobster3569d ago

Can't believe it took 4 months to fix this monstrosity of a game. Shouldn't they have just delayed it by 4 months and released it when it actually WORKED? pathetic. And all the Sony droids go "omg microsoft rushed 360 to the market they suck!!!!1" Yet they seem to forget games such as Socom, and hell even the PS2 itself.

Oh well I'm just rambling now. However an updated score 4 months later of an 8.5 isn't going to make people buy this POS game anyways.

Mindboggle3570d ago

I cant argue with this review. Even though the game had severe bugs i think it was about an 8.5. I dont own the full game but i played the beta to death and enjoyed it,

But Sony hurry up and get this game out in UK. The time its realesed noone will care as we'll all be playing killzone 2.

Hallucinate3569d ago

oder it cross seas? or go to the amercian psn store and buy it

Panthers3569d ago

I cant believe this hasnt come to the UK yet. There are a lot of Euro Socomers, and even more now would like it with the addition of Euro special forces.

This game is good enough to release in the UK. They need to just do it.

dale13569d ago

yeah march the 5th uk,so download for me as i,ve got the head set already

Garrison3569d ago

Socom's one of the only games that can keep any gamer up till 6am with their eyes blood veins about to pop out. All I have to say.

Panthers3569d ago

I am absolutely addicted to the game. The new update to is amazing too. This game will keep evolving too. Cant wait for DLC.

jamesrocks31473569d ago

am sick of waiting this to come to the UK if you look back to the orginal realese you will find this game has been delayed 6 times thats right 6!

september 2008
ocotber 2008
27th november 2008
16th january 2009
27th febuary 2009
now sometime in march.

its unbelieveable and i really want this game for the headset and also
when i look at and other places the game is on sale, the price and date is always changing. av seen this game as cheap as 17 quid on play now its 30 i believe was 25 at one point. seriously get this game out now sony!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.