Fanboy-ism Fails Everyone; The VGNerd Mission Statement

Kris of VGNerd has decided to take a step forward, and discuss why fanboy-ism is bad for the industry, and how gaming comparison amounts to nothing.

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marichuu3393d ago

I want the authors babies.

Chris3993393d ago

As if we've been waiting relief like someone for water in the desert. Sorry, but I've been playing games on my PS3 for over 2 years now. KZ2 isn't the defining piece of software that I've been craving to "dust off" my PS3, as it get's used daily (games/ movies/ even Youtube). The fact that this sort of thinking has permeated the media is irritating beyond belief.

As much sense as the article is trying to make, fabboyism exists and will continue to exist. Annoying as it is, gaming has become like politics. People have a preference, even multi-console owners (I own all 3 - just got a Wii yesterday - and I still like my PS3 the most). I think it's just a matter of journalists making their preference clear before writing articles. Keep the PS3 friendly people on PS3 news and the 360 fans on Xbox related issues.

Or offer multiple opinions/ reviews on the same game and do not aggregate the scores. That way there are two opinions and people can choose. Or kill review scores all together as they just seem to stir more controversy than good.

So long as the gaming media remains without sanctions or proper restrictions on who controls our information - journalistic background checks/ integrity/ people with proper writing, education, publishing savvy - I don't expect the current climate to change.

When our average "reporter" is Jo Blow, 10 year gaming hobbyist who runs "Blog PSX/360 Extreme", I'm not really sure how much credibility or impartiality we can expect.

marichuu3393d ago

..didn't come out well I suppose.

Everyone have their preferences, I own both a PS3 and a 360, but I prefer the 360 because of the controller and the achievements. Now someone might come by and say "trophies are better", but that's their opinion and that's perfectly fine.

What this war is causing is hate (no wonder, it's a war), the hate that we gamers don't need at all. I don't want to be an ass towards the fanboys, I just can't approve that many of them don't use any kind of facts to defend themselves and their console.

Some random fanboy says something that makes no sense at all, but as long as it bashes one console and worships the other... people will gladly go mad on the agree/disagree buttons even though there are no facts about the comment. The same goes for many articles/BLOGS here on N4G lately.

I believe many people here are also afraid of speaking whats on their mind, because of the fanboys reaction and screams of bias... the forums in the other hand are much more civilized... just look at the "most overrated/underrated games of this generation" thread... just look how many exclusives are mentioned from both MS and Sony by the same users, and guess what... most of us had some of the same titles listed, which probably means that some games are just rated by hype and whatnot.

Okay I'll stop now, nobody is going to read this anyways :>

What I'm trying to say is that some people are ruining what gaming is for people who just want some quality entertainment and to have fun doing what they like best... and sex is not an option in this case. ;<

HighDefinition3393d ago

Fanboy`s are fine, everyone has preferences in life.

Psycho`s are psycho`s regardless of what their into.

VGNerdCom3393d ago

@chris399 - I didn't mean for it to come off that way, about the whole 'your day is coming' thing. I just mean that I can't really think of a super high profile FPS title for the PS3, and this is the first (of probably many) very high quality titles in the genre coming to the system. Justin, one of our authors, suggested to me that we remove the scoring system, and we really seriously considered it for a while. The problem is, a lot of visitors just wanna look at a couple score comparisons and take off. Getting them to read OMGWALLOFTEXT just isn't as easy. If a score is what is required to try to get them all of the info they need in a split second, that's what we will do. Sad, but true.

@marichuu - <3 That is the entire point. It's really hard to use facts to try to win fanboy arguments. Even if you plunk down cold, hard facts, nobody is really willing to hear them, and even if they do, comparing apples to oranges is worthless. Each console has areas where it is better and where it is worse, and no 2 systems can overlap.

btw, sex will always be an option.

marichuu3393d ago

So true, so true... but in the end, if you took the worst from both sides, dropped them in the same room and gave them their desired controller to play a game, they'd be laughing and having fun no matter what console they were playing the game on... or they'd just end up having sex.

L-a-i-n3393d ago

It is true that most fanboy wars are not really for any point at all. Mostly just people who want attention from others. I don't think people are scared to say anything they just don't want to waste the time and effort to do it. You will have 1 good post out of every 7 on N4G. That 1 person is pretty much overlooked due to the other 6 just flaming away. Facts usually don't help at all. Most fanboys will not listen at all.

marichuu3393d ago

You're probably right, but I have to keep trying until something happens and people actually do read it and think for themselves "why that makes sense..."
I tend to get mostly agrees when I write something that doesn't refer to a specific console, while the disagrees just roll in with no comments as soon as I mention something I didn't find interesting in an exclusive game for the console X

So far these comments for this article are probably the most logical I've seen for a while here :p it's nice to see that there are still people out there that don't need to bash someone for their opinion and preferences.

HighDefinition3393d ago

Fanboyism comes in many forms.

VGNerdCom3393d ago

@HighDefinition - I drink regular Pepsi and Diet Coke. They both have completely different flavor profiles, and therefore offer different experiences. Opinions are subjective. There is no such thing as right and wrong when it comes to preferences. That's the whole point.

L-a-i-n3393d ago

I like both coke and pepsi 8)~

People have every right to choose the console they believe is best for them. I just wish people would leave it alone after that. Sadly it doesn't go that route. The epic looser squad comes along and bashes you for your choices(all sides of the fanboy charts). I feel the media is the number 1 reason for most of the fanboy bull crap. Constant comparisons and flamewar articles don't help anything at all.

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komp3393d ago

I agree. We should all fight together not against each other.

What do you think of this article

yamamoto1143393d ago

"Games are for playing, not hating."

nefa15313393d ago

real life? whats this game you claim that is better than kz2 and gow2? hrmm! oh and which system is it on again ? =p

VGNerdCom3393d ago

Only available on ME. Well, it sucks to play, and you can never win, the grinding sucks, and social interaction is full of fail, but at least it's free to play. That, and it's never in beta.

marichuu3393d ago

However the game ends after 20 seconds, amirite? :p

AnimeRaven3393d ago

lol funny stuff life is so much more fun than you make it out to be.... We get to play games doesn't matter what age we are. FULL OF WIN!

Sayai jin3393d ago

There is nothing wrong having a preference or favorite team, drink, etc. Having a preferred console is cool too. People try to compare console fanboyism to someone being a diehard fan of a sports team. It is the same in ways, but different in many other ways. A team has human players that you can interact with, talk, touch, get autographs, etc. Like I said preferring a console or liking a certain console over others is cool, but when people bash the other consoles with biased comments, ridiculous statements. Having a do or die attitude to a lifeless (a console) object is what I think they are talking about when they mean fanboys. That's the difference between fans and fanboys.

So have you favorite game, dev, console, game genre, and enjoy the newest era in gaming. Just leave the immature, hateful, biased comments at the door or in the open zone.

Game on...

L-a-i-n3393d ago

I agree you can have a preferred console. When they start to compare is when the issues in an immature way is when the problems start. Respect others decisions and just maybe they will respect yours. You will still have those few that bash everything they can think of, but over all everybody here would be a lot more happy. Enjoy you gaming preference and let other enjoy theirs. Bubbles to you kind sir!

Sayai jin3393d ago

I hear you. It's like people get satisfaction out of bashing another console or peoples preference. Look there are simply to many good games to be wasting time hating. Like, (in no particular order) Uncharted, GTA, Gears Series, MGS4, Halo, Oblivion, Resistance series, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, KZ2, I could go on and on. Many of these games have great multi player so game and be enjoy.

Bubbles for you sir.