SEGA Retain Olympic Games License

Through this agreement, SEGA secures the sole rights to publish console, PC/Macintosh, handheld, arcade, and mobile games worldwide. Under this exclusive license, SEGA will publish a wide variety of games with winter sports and events including skiing, skating, and snowboard bearing the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games emblem.

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Mindboggle3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

All olympic games suck. Sorry Sega. Ironically the only half decent one was Mario and Sonic at the olympic games, it was fun on both wii and ds.

Cynical-Gamerzus3300d ago

Great now sega can stick it up their ass were sega should be getting it!!!
Give us arcade ports to PS3 already and Shenmue HOD4, Race TV!!! !!Real games!!!
not crap ports!! like Sonic