Resident Evil 5 Isn't Racist

A couple of possible explanations behind the racial allegations leveled at Resident Evil 5. The author believes that Eurogamer isn't thinking the scenes that they saw through properly, and offers alternative ways of looking at them.

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Kamikaze1353569d ago

Any game where you shoot a bunch of black people is considered racist. However, shooting Spanish and White people are alright because they don't make a big deal out of slavery that took place before most of them were even born.

Now, see how silly that sounds? =)

Stickguy2593569d ago


Yes, slavery was horrible. But if you don't expect the enemies in Africa to be black, or that some people would go to extremes (i.e. the bag scenario) in a situation like what's happening in RE 5, then you don't have much common sense.

mindedone3568d ago

Clearly as soon as slavery was abolished, they skies opened up, and gumdrops rained from the sky. Clearly there was no civil rights movement, no segregation, no apartheid, no gentrification, no genocide, no cultural demonization...sure, people couldn't be a little on edge because of those things...

Kamikaze1353568d ago

Exactly the point of my sarcasm. All the black people who complain about racism in video games complain about slavery, which is stupid. Most of the people who complain haven't even experienced slavery, but just want something to whine and complain about.

Harry Pothead3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

You know when u call the game not racist u make it worse... just drop it.
Games need way more diversity no downplaying that.

360 man3568d ago

i know wat uncle ruckus would say about this topic lool

Dream Machine3569d ago

I don't even know why I'm bothering to post this comment but NO-ONE WITH ANY SENSE IS CALLING IT RACIST BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK.

Seriously, people seem to ignore that completely. Some things appear to hark back to very old stereotypes of sexual violence and primitivism. I haven't heard anyone really say 'it's racist because you're shooting black people' because that would make no sense.

If they were mindless zombies no-one would have a problem with this, the fact that they are 'sub-human' in a sense is the problem.

sinncross3569d ago

'It is a sad, but known fact that many of the people in South Africa are at war.'

Being a South African who lives in South Africa I can assure you how fallacious this statement is... it also makes me question how much of real Africa the Western world knows, beyond the simple media representation.

Yes, there is disease, a lot of ppl have little access to the comforts of the modern world, and conflict is strife (mainly central Africa) but that does not mean that Africans are barbaric, or savages as Joseph Conrad put it in Heart of Darkness. The eurogamer was not incorrect in his statements... we've passed this old stereotypical of Africans in Africa.

Regardless I think this guy makes some noteworthy comments in his blog but the situation can be seen from two sides because it is a controversial topic.

I just hope that Capcom use this opportunity to express some debatable messages and thematic elements, but nonetheless I found the RESI5 demo an absolutely blast and can't wait for it to be fully released.

Cool Hwhip3568d ago

I'm going to submit an Article on the issue(Hopefully sometime tomorrow),it's about time people understood exactly what makes Resident Evil 5 controversial and what doesn't make it controversial at all.

I was reading some comments on the issue,and one person said something along the lines of,"Sheva doesn't look African at all,why did Capcom make her so light?".I was absolutely baffled at the amount of ignorance contained in those few words.

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The story is too old to be commented.