Comic Con 09: Champions Online Vs. DC Universe Online

Two superhero MMOs literally faced each other at Comic Con NY 09's floor. Now, faces them off here: Champions Online Vs. DC Universe Online.

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Raoh3448d ago

i'm just glad i can play them both.

JonahFalcon3448d ago

Why would you play TWO subscription-based superhero MMOs?

Raoh3446d ago

why not?

i played WOW, EQOA and FFXI at the same time

they are different games

with dc universe you have a pool of some favorite characters and stories

with champions you have more of an open world as far as characters

only way to find out which is good is to play them both...

i have made no decision on which is better and cant until i play both..

everquest was the king of the hill at one point.. and we all played many mmorpgs in between before WoW took over..

Doppy3442d ago

I could of swore DC Universe wasn't going to have a fee, or at least that's what they said they were trying to eliminate.