Video Game Journalism: What makes a site credible??

The article you are about to read is written by someone who isn't a video game journalist. However, he does have an opinion which he expresses, and has attended a convention or two. He has talked to developers of various video games, written articles for a small time site, and even does a pod cast every Sunday. Should you listen to a word he says about the same industry a certified journalist reports about??

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Playa79703480d ago

at this point and time everyone and anyone can be a journalist there arent many credible ones anymore

PoSTedUP3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

one who shows no biased, writes articles from both sides of the fence, is fair in their reviews, spits facts and commonsense.

sites who can say good AND bad things about each console are credible just as long as it is not a lie and their honest opinion.

its easy to point out the biased sites, sometimes just from the site name lol.

BUT THE FUNNY THING IS: i see a site write an article saying something true and positive about one console and all of a sudden they are biased, but then they write a good article about the other console, then the opposing side hates them and then calls them biased. sites like these should be appreciated!

for instance... theirs an article on N4G right now that says- MS has an egde over ps3, and its true, and it states the advantages. but the sony fanboys call it lame and "oh these dudes are fanboys"... how? they are stating their honest opinion (and they make alot of sense) and i also seen this site post positive articles about ps3, bad articles about 360, bad about ps3 etc.( yall need to appreciate sites like these because their aren't many out their like that anymore ya know.

RKRigney3480d ago

It seems that with all the recent controversy about the PlanetXbox360 article on HipHopGamer, and the article I just submitted N4G is really stepping back and taking a long, hard look at itself.


marichuu3480d ago

"sites who can say good AND bad things about each console are credible just as long as it is not a lie and their honest opinion."

Nobody does it better than

Revvin3480d ago

If you have an open mind about gaming and gaming platforms its easy to weed out the biased sites out there and then its your choice whether to visit them. I don't particularly like HHG's style of presentation because hip-hop is not my kind of thing but you have to have some respect for someone who goes out there each week and create's a video show for people to watch.

I'd rather visit some of these up and coming gaming sites than the likes of Gamespot and Kotaku who are either too biased for personal reasons (Kotaku) or are swayed by advertising revenue (Gamespot). Too many of these sites are owned by big media parent companies who have strategic alliances with different platforms and have a vested interest in promoting one platform over another. Gaming journalism hasn't just slipped into the gutter because HHG has posted a few inflammatory articles, its been that way for far too long.

Going back to the days before the internet was mainstream and we all bought magazines in shops there were still writers who preferred one game over another, whether it was a flight sim or FPS they had their favourites, Doom over Unreal etc. My bookmarks are mainly made up of smaller independent sites and I generally steer clear of Gamespot, IGN, Kotaku etc. Some independent sites may be biased but at least most of them make it quite clear and don't hide behind a facade of impartiality like some of the commercial gaming sites out there.

Madgunner3480d ago

a site is credible when they show a GREAT track record and... key word... CONSITENCY in their reviews, articles, and ideologies. IGN may not be 100 percent perfect but is probably the best example of this...

Danieru sho3480d ago

Is that over time u may lose those key thngs that made u grow and lose focus of who u r. I hope all kickass 'small' gamer sites wnt ever change their loyalty to gaming and us fans who love an unbiased, funny and honest review. Growth is nt a bad thng by the way, its how u choose to thats either cool or not. Nuff said.

primordialmeme3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I trust well intended opinions from small sites and on forums more than I do big websites like IGN or Gamespot who are prone to running advertorials. Corporations exist for one purpose $$$$$

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