The Conduit Multiplayer Features Revealed.

Nintendo Power has the exclusive multiplayer features in their newest issue and The Conduit-Information Center has the scans.

Note:Once you click on the image remember to click on "Full Size" at the bottom of the screen to actually read the articles.

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Product3572d ago

Summary of the article:
- Didn’t fight Drudge in the first of the two levels NP demoed
- Instead fighting against Prometheus (terrorist) - has the power to control people
- Up to something at the Ronald Regan Washington National Airport
- Human soldiers shoot at you
- Enemies pop up from behind counters
- While fighting through the airport, brown-orange gas revives baddies - Secret behind the gas wasn’t revealed to Nintendo Power
- All Seeing Eye allows you to find a number of switches to unlock a door
- Finding switches isn’t difficult
- ASE beeps when you get closer to a hidden object
- ASE becomes very important in subsequent levels
- Much of the plot revealed in interspersed dialogue scenes between John Adams and Mr. Ford
- Plot has many twists and turns
- Game has quality voice work - Mark A. Sheppard doing voice work for Mr. Ford, Willian Morgan Sheppard doing voice work for John Adams
- Library of Congress is another level
- Have to take down Trust agents - under the mistaken impression that you’re a puppet for Prometheus, have orders to take you out
- Can play with 16 players online
- Choose to fight globally, people in your region, people who you’ve exchanged friend codes with
- Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag game modes for online
- Nintendo Power only played with 6 people only but there were no graphical or gameplay issues
- Medical Facility is one of the multiplayer maps
- All maps taken from single-player
- Medical Facility “totally remade to better suit multiplayer gameplay with what the developers call the Human Weapons set (handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, and the like).”
- It’s effective to lock onto your opponent with Z - see how much health he has left
- Head shots do substantial damage, though they don’t always kill opponents instantly
- 180-degree turn button being considered so that you could take someone out at your rear
- Training Complex another Deathmatch map
- Central area with balconies on the perimeter - leaves you open to be sniped
- Everyone starts the match with a rocket launcher
- Other weapons can be found on the map including a gun that lobs electric orbs
- Takes some time to load in a fresh rocket - Rocket can damage opponent even if the aim isn’t spot on
- WiiSpeak support wasn’t implemented for Nintendo Power’s session, but High Voltage promises it will be included when the “the game hits stores in spring.”

This courtesy of NintendoEverything.

Maxned3572d ago

I dont understand why people want this game so much. Yes, the graphics are great. But theres only 3 multiplayer modes, the health system is outdated, the story seems a little bland... Don't get me wrong, I will definatly rent this. But after reading that you cant use wiispeak unless you talk with friends, that REALLY gets me pissed. I bought wiispeak specifically for The Conduit.
I am now realizing that WiiSpeak is a tiny turd placed on the top your TV screen.

Smacktard3572d ago

What, are you insinuating that a static health system with medical pick-ups that replenish your health is a WORSE system than a regenerating health system? Cause if so, I laugh at you, casual.

ChickeyCantor3572d ago

MAx, the hype might be there becuase of the visuals, but its the controls that will make this game something.

And by looking at video's you cant really say how well it would play unless you had the Wii-mote in hand and the game in your Wii.

TheColbertinator3572d ago

Sounds great but I was hoping for a more deep multi-player variety.Using the Wiimotes for melee combat on "Melee only multi-player".

Deathmatch is done to death IMO and High Voltage will need to make it stand out.No point in having the Wiimotes if the online implementation is found in 5 year old shooters.

Either way I can't wait to see online footage and get a new Wii by then as well.I sold my old one because the Wi-Fi went bust

Product3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Remember even though Nintendo Power got the first exclusive look knowing HVS they prolly have more surprises up their sleeve.I dont think its so cut and dry imo.
Although its good that this even has a melee attack in it at all although for me since im a pc fps fan i would really like a 180 button.Those come in handy if you know your fps pc game.

Also it says everyone starts with a rocket launcher but from what i read in the scans it seems like that was a setting that can be changed much like all multiplayer shooters like Halo.

mastiffchild3572d ago

Yeah, thr modes are pretty much the usual "vanilla deathmatch" stuff right now but how often are those modes dressed up with different names even on more well known games? As the first game to try a decent number of players in online MP shooters with great GFX too(so MoH online we doesn't coun't and WaW is too gimped, though enjoyable, at 4 v 4)maybe there won't be too much innovation in the modes but I do reckon you'll be able to customise them a lot so you never know whether you'll be able to set up melee only games in the end.

Product3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Something else that should be something to look forward to in other upcoming games that use the wiispeak is that this game will only allow you to use wiispeak with people on your friends list.

Durffen3572d ago

Yeah, this game is going to be sick.

“the game hits stores in spring.”

Why does HVS keep saying spring? They said the date was June 9th, and that is clearly in the summer!

jeffaustin903572d ago

June 9th is technically still spring. Hell, the middle of March is still considered winter.

sinncross3572d ago

So there is no offline multi player?

Product3572d ago

LAN was confirmed a long time ago when Sega was announced as the publisher.

ChickeyCantor3572d ago

I wonder if X-link Kai works with the Wii, if so, screw Nintendo's server.

XlinkKai = The bomb.

Used to play halo2 online(-Lan enabled) with it without having a live account.

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