NYCC: Dragon Age On PC And 360 Before PS3?

Blend Games got a chance to sit down with Jay Watamaniuk, BioWare community manager, at New York Comic Con and badger him about Dragon Age: Origins, the upcoming dark fantasy RPG. They came away with a few details about the game's release and some of the downloadable content gamers can expect after the game's launch.

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ReaperXL73571d ago

This would be their first game on the PS3 so I could see them needing more time to see what they can do with the system, I hope this does well on PS3 so we get more Bioware games.

I have a 360 so it doesnt really matter either way but my ps3 needs it some RPGS!

EvilCackle3570d ago

True that. I want the building tools.

thereapersson3571d ago

BioWare is mainly a PC and 360 developer, with a strong affinity especially towards the 360. Not only that, but the fact that they've never developed anything for the PS3 would mean that they need more time to get a Ps3 version up and running.

PS3 owners should be glad they are even bothering with a PS3 version in the first place.