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None of these things, however, spoil Killzone 2 so seriously that you can feel anything less than awe. It's not the best FPS ever, nor is it the sort of game that redefines genres or sets new benchmarks. It is, however, the most convincing demonstration yet of the PS3's sheer grunt, and one of the finest action games of recent years. Don't miss it.

While there's nothing really new about Killzone 2, the phenomenal pacing, stunning polish and overwhelming bombast of the whole experience elevates it to the top tier of FPS games. The PS3 finally has the flagship shooter it deserves.

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mugoldeneagle033452d ago

Chalk up another win for the good guys

Trebius3452d ago

How many more do we have to see to realize it's a great game. Haha, i cant wait to get it.

ph3lid3452d ago

let's just say "a good game" not a "great game" ok?

thor3452d ago

No it's a great game. 9.3 average is excellent. 7/10 and 8/10 are "good" scores. Killzone 2 is great.

"elevates it to the top tier of FPS games" - this tells you it's more than just "good".

heyheyhey3452d ago


how about...... no?

it's a great game, even the short demo was awesome enough for me to play through it 12 times

boodybandit3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

How about we call Killzone 2 what it obviously is?
A "superb" game that visually has no equal on any gaming console.

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TheColbertinator3452d ago

I'm still waiting for reviews from Game Revolution,Honest Gamers,Darkstation,ZTGD,Konzol ista and Giantbomb.Armchair Empire,Game Positive and Games TM should finish things up by March

Storm233452d ago

Why are you waiting on those?

TheColbertinator3452d ago

So the Gamerankings/Metacritic scores can be sealed up for good and we have an idea of how the game is averaged.Either way its AAA especially after IGN confirmed it.

Storm233452d ago

how I like the game. Not anyone else. We already know that it is great. Nothing more is needed. I just want to experience it myself.

divideby03451d ago

"Halo and FC landmark FPS".....stopped reading need to waste any mo of my time.

half life yes...Halo and