GameCritics: Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

Yes, the graphics are very good. The gritty atmosphere, the wind and dust, the explosions, the sunlight breaking through the hazy sky, all of it looks fantastic. The visuals aren't so much a giant leap above competitors like Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty 4 as they are a small step. But it's definitely a noticeable step.

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sonarus3395d ago

I don't like to discredit someone's opinion but if you say KZ2 only looks a little better than COD4 then you need to wipe the sand from your eyes

TheColbertinator3395d ago

You didn't understand what he meant.He said that Gears of War 2 and Cod4 had more impact on graphics upon their release like as when they first debut.Killzone 2 has better graphics than Cod4 but didn't have the graphical impact Cod4 had back in 2007

T3L3PROOF3395d ago

If you guys notice, you will see that Killzone 2 made Xbox fanboys in a desperate position to say sh*t about it, they search for reviews that hate on killzone, while we sit at home playing our HDMI games, its funny.

Spydiggity3395d ago

"Before people start bringing up Crysis or whatever other graphics-heavy PC game they like to jerk off to, just bear in mind that I don't play PC games, so that's not what I'm talking about here."

well, Brandon, you threw away any chance for credibility you had in just the first 2 paragraphs. nice job. so because you admittedly have absolutely no concept of real next generation graphics, you think you get to express an opinion about a game while insulting gamers that obviously have way more gaming experience than you do?? what a jerk.

fine if you went to speak solely about consoles (killzone is a top tier (graphically) console game), but don't insult the gamers that go beyond one or two consoles and try to experience as much as possible.

that aside, you don't have to "jerk-off" to crysis. you blow your load hands-free within the first few seconds.

SRU96003394d ago

Call of Duty 4 STILL looks incredible.

Sometimes I will go for a week or two without playing it, and when I pop it in I'm like "damn".

sonarus3394d ago

Not to me. I pop it in and it looks like ass to me now

SRU96003394d ago

Everything probably looks like ass when you are full of sh!t...

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Bluejet3395d ago

Yes killzone 2 does have the same graphical impact of gears or COD. where have you been for the last few weeks? I think that all the hype had pepole thinking the graphics would be mind melting or somthing and who knows maybe the full game will be. But just going by the demo alone it has certified it's self as an impact and and will be the game witch all others are judged .

TheColbertinator3395d ago

Its all opinion really.The only games this generation to make my eyes hurt with graphical goodness is Crysis,GT5:Prologue and Cod4.

Killzone 2,Gears 2,and MGS4 did not make me jump out of my seat.

Max Power3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

really? COD4? i thought other games such as Uncharted would make your eyes hurt the same if not more (not in comparison to Killzone 2 but to the leap from last gen to this gen). I can understand Crysis, well because its Crysis, and i'll give you GT5: Prologue because that game is a complete different beast, but COD 4? It was my first game for my PS3, i got MGS4 but didnt wanna be bothered with the indepth story until i had time to play it. So i picked that game up, but it didn't make my "eyes hurt with graphical goodness", just seems like a fun an addicting game which finally introduced me with online multiplayer.

Bob Dole3394d ago

COD looks good because of the higher framerate. KZ2=30fps, COD=60. But the textures are far superior in Killzone.

Storm233395d ago

Go look at any surface in COD4 up close. Then try to say this again.

marichuu3395d ago

Actually if you look at some objects in Killzone 2, like the APC's that come to the beach... you'll see how ugly they really are.

As Mr. Colbert says, this is what we expect in 2009... Graphics have been better than what we see in KZ2 even over a year ago. But hey... the graphics don't define the game. Killzone 2 plays and sounds very well, and that's what's important as far as I'm concerned.

BX813395d ago

It's a game pimpin! get off the devs nuts! Really? Made xbox fan boys @$#*($&$&$? do your self a favor, really wait for it.... and shut it! Seriously how many people were hating on GOW2 and how many articles this week alone are Halo killers! Each system is good and has their own problems. 360 red ring, PS3 not selling enough. KZ2 demo was ok, what you should be really looking out for is the uncharted 2 game! Now that is depth plus color and midgets...ok minus midgets..... seriously.

topblood3395d ago

lol killzone 2 is average.
and you mean HD games not HDMI games.

played the killzone 2 demo. nothing new. just some fancy graphics.

does not provide nothing new in terms of gaming. resistance 2 provided more variety than killzone 2.

n4g = ps3 fanboys / anime lovers / geeks

Bob Dole3394d ago

You shut your man-pleaser. Bob Dole loves anime.

pixelsword3394d ago

Then do tell, which game was the first FPS with a full cover system.

PLAYWATCH3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Killzone 2 plays like no other FPS; it's unique and more realistic.

The feel of the gameplay clearly differentiates itself from any other FPS, even COD4. The only thing that's similar to COD4 is how you bring up the Aim Scope, everything else feels distinctly different. I'm not including the run aspect. What, you want Killzone 2 to innovate run aspect as well?

So, it's not the same old gameplay like some people are trying to say, plus the covering system is brand new to FPS.