Ubuntu desktop apparently scares Microsoft

Cnet wries:

"Ubuntu must be giving Microsoft fits on the desktop. That's the only reason I can come up with for Microsoft's LinkedIn search for a new director of open-source strategy, with a focus on the desktop:

The Windows Competitive Strategy team is looking for a strong team member to lead Microsoft's global desktop competitive strategy as it relates to open source competitors."

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uie4rhig3388d ago

ubuntu is getting better and better by the day (ok by the release not the day) and it will eventually surpass the ease of use, accessibility, etc of windows.. which is when MS will lose all their customers unless they do something about it!

thezuur3388d ago

your not wrong to say "day by day", just most people wont enable non-official updates.

uie4rhig3388d ago

"ok by the release not the day" lol

blackbeld3388d ago

I still can not have WIFI with my UBUNTU 8.10 on my PS3...

And @below it doesn't use the full power off PS3... :(

But it can play MKV files on full HD TV... i loved it.. :)

Can someone tell me how for WIFI please?

CyberCam3388d ago

read the comments on that article! A very good read.

blackbeld3388d ago

Thanx!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^ you guys are the best!!!... Bubbles up for you guys :)

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Hellsvacancy3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I was thinkin about installing it on my Ps3 but as ive never used it B4 is there much point? wot are the benefits other that a better web browser

Edit. @Somekindofmike - I agree with the disagree thing there are sum sad people out there

I sent a Pm to N4g member Fishy Fingers a while back (coz hes a clever mofo) askin him about installing Linux and he suggested Ubuntu but told me if youve never used it theres not much point

Its more coz i upgraded my Ps3 Hdd a while back i gotta 2.5 500gig Hdd for £45 at a carboot sale although after i installed it on my Ps3 i lost a big chunk of Hdd space i never new y, so now ive got all this free space i want to use sum of it up and i also wanna look clever :-P

somekindofmike3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I find it funny how people have disagreed with what you said! you've asked a very legit question about the OS, and somehow someone disagrees with this? Some people need to chill with the disagree button! (you can disagree with that if you want because that's a statement which some may disagree with)

I too also want to know the answer to this question. Does it run well on the PS3 as I've heard something along the lines that other OS' installed on the PS3 can't take full advantage of the PS3 hardware? I think?

I'm thinking of sticking a huge HDD in my PS3 and when I do I plan to install another OS, which is the best available?

@ Hellsvacancy

Thanks for the answer, I've personally stopped using windows OS for the time being, I'm currently a Mac OS X user, I've always been keen to give Linux a fair go as well, I hear many good things about it, so I might have to give ubuntu a try.

Thanks for the reply.

uie4rhig3388d ago

for those that are new to linux, Ubuntu is the best option, as it is easier that any of the other linux distro's. Is it worth it installing it on your PS3? If you have a SDTV the answer is simple, NO!! because you wont see the whole screen proper and basically it is impossible to use properly, is it worth it on an HDTV? i think yes if you don't have enough computers at home (e.g. 5 people living in one house with 3 PC's and they all want their turn) otherwise, it's not really worth it.. yes you have a bigger variety of movie formats you can watch, yes you have a office package on there, you have a better browser etc.. but aside from the movie encoding (which needs to be installed properly in order for it to work smoothly) it is not worth it. coz pretty much everything takes ages to load. it might have been me, but i think it's not worth it.. but defo cool to try out.

and somekindofmike, if you are a MAC OS X user, the transition shouldn't be too hard, as OS X is based on Unix, which Linux is also based on. MAC OS X are practically cousins, whereas the Windows is from a different family..

altho, i was impressed by how good it is to run a server on it (web server).. a friend of mine had it installed, and i found it very impressive, but i highly doubt you'll be using it for a webserver if it is your primary PS3 :P

hope that helps you out ;)

somekindofmike3388d ago

To superaktieboy,

Thanks for the info, I keen to try it out to satisfy my own curiosity really. I don't really want to dual boot or replace OS X on my Mac machines, just incase something went wrong I could loose a lot of valuable work. The PS3 seems like the ideal machine to test it out on.

If I like it enough I'll probably migrate to it properly in the future and only use Mac's for work.

CyberCam3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

on your PS3, IMO doesn't do the experience justice. Your best bet is to use Ubuntu's live CD option on your everyday PC. It allows you to use the operating system off the CD & memory first to get a feel for it. If you end up liking the experience, it does have an install icon on the desktop for you to install the full OS. It will recognize your existing Windows OS and partition your hard drive for you, so you can dual boot both OS's.

Only then you can really learn to appreciate Ubuntu Linux! In most cases people end up booting into Ubuntu more than Windows as time goes by. Eventually, when you become familiar with Ubuntu you can delete Windows totally (if you choose to do so).

The best place for amateurs to learn/ask questions and or get help with issues is,

The community is friendly & is very helpful (unlike some websites/forums that just spreads hate all day!), but in most cases all you have to do is use the search button, because 9 times out of 10 someone else has had your problem.

If you don't mind reading & learning and you have some patience you'll do fine. Chances are you'll end up helping others later on yourself as you become more & more proficient with Ubuntu/Linux.

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thezuur3388d ago

even if it waxes and wanes... people get to hear about it.

Viper73388d ago

I have been using ubuntu for a while now, and its pretty easy considering that ppl have always had this image of linux being uber geecky operating system.

Ubuntu allows very easy and secure installation of software, friendly dekstop enviroment that you can modify to look the way you like. Not to mention the 3 differend distros where you can choose depending on how old your hardware is or what kind of desktop enviroment you want.

CyberCam3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I always love hearing the positive Ubuntu success stories. One thing I can say when it comes to differences between gaming community & the linux (OSS) community, the first (in most cases) is so full of hate, negativity & fighting to tear the community down, while the latter (in most) cases, is very positive, helpful, courteous and aims to move the community forward.

That's why I usually go here to pick my spirits up, after reading some of the garbage on these gaming websites

TheExodus3388d ago

The bulk of computer users couldn't be more ill equipped to operate the machines. PC manufacturers actually had to color-code the ports & cables like Garanimals to keep intellectually challenged computer users from forcing mouse cables into speaker ports!

Yes, MS is so afraid of Ubuntu that they're hiring a, as in one, person to manage the threat posed by ALL open source competitors. If MS was actually "scared" of Ubuntu then I'd expect to see a breaking news story on CNN where Steve Ballmer is caught with suitcases full of cash in the trunk of his Mercedes at a seedy bar on the outskirts of Redmond.

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